Assault on Business Property

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Assault on Business Property

assault on business property

As Tennessee’s population has grown, the construction and development of commercial properties has increased exponentially to accommodate these numbers. Shopping centers provide numerous stores with endless products to suit any preference. These shopping venues, alongside grand concert halls as well as other major entertainment facilities bring thousands of visitors, making parking lots, garages, alleyways, and other transitory locations overcrowded and underprepared for such accommodations – the ideal environment for muggers, thieves, and other criminals. In the event that you have been the victim of an assault on a business’s property, you might be entitled to recouping compensation from the manager or owner of the property for lacking appropriate safety and security measures.

Lack of Adequate Property Security

The Middle Tennessee personal injury attorneys at InjuryTN know that our cities provide some of Tennessee’s most popular business attractions and entertainment centers. These establishments are intentionally designed and functioned to allure to a broad variety of preferences when it comes to offering options for shopping, entertainment, and other activities. However, our premises liability lawyers also know that owners and managers of businesses and property may choose not to take precautions in ensuring the safety of their property.

Isolated walkways between buildings, inside parking garages, and private hallways have proven time and again to have significantly higher rates of muggings, sexual assaults, kidnappings, and other kinds of violent assault. These incidents can occur in a matter of mere seconds and can typically be determined completely preventable. Because our Tennessee personal injury lawyers represent clients who have fallen victim in assaults which took place on business properties, they understand that responsibility means that property needs to maintain clean and safe conditions, and that it should have no apparent hazards or obstacles. When business owners expect that something may pose a potential risk to visitors of the property, they bear the extended responsibility of providing warnings for that risk.

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At InjuryTN, our premises liability and personal injury attorneys know that assaults can and will take place on commercial properties throughout Middle Tennessee. If a crime of this kind has left your or someone you love with a serious injury, or even in the event that a violent assault results in a fatality, our lawyers will explain your rights to you and provide you with what options you have in pursuing compensation for damages.

Our TN lawyers have access to a whole host of resources, including assistance from medical specialists, professional investigators, insurance experts, law enforcement officials, and more individuals who have the singular aptitude needed to provide crucial insights on a personal injury case. When you request assistance from the personal injury lawyers at InjuryTN, you can rest assured that you picked lawyers with a reputation for success in legal cases as well as their ability to handle the most intricate of cases with aggressive efficiency.

Contact our office and request a free consultation regarding your business property assault case. In the event that you have been injured due to the property owner’s own failure to maintain security and safety on their property, you should have the most effective legal representation available to you. Associates at InjuryTN are committed to representing you with dignity and skill and remember, you pay no fees until we win your case.

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