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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Aviation Accidents

Crash landed propeller airplane after aviation accident

Between Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Memphis, and Nashville, Tennessee hosts one of the busiest centers for aviation in the Central region. Whether the intent is to tour famous locations or sight-see the mountainous areas throughout Tennessee, air transportation appeals to businesses and tourists as a quick alternative to driving throughout the state. Moreover, figures published by the Federal Aviation Administration provide evidence that Tennessee is ranked as having the highest number of FAA certified pilots in the Central Region of the U.S.

Aviation Accidents in Middle Tennessee

Although statistics show that Middle Tennessee is not known for being home to many public plane crashes or other aviation accidents, private pilots sometimes don’t have the necessary training to operate the vehicle they are piloting. When such accidents do occur, residents of Middle Tennessee can count on the aviation accident attorneys at InjuryTN. With compassion for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike, InjuryTN is committed to supporting the safe use of Tennessee skies and assisting those who have been affected by aviation accidents.

Aviation Accidents in the News

Stories from news sources report accidents that involve major passenger planes placing emphasis on the high number of losses, but general aviation accidents significantly outnumber those resulting from larger aircrafts. The aviation accident lawyers at InjuryTN have experience with the numerous factors which might contribute to accidents involving aircrafts. The Federal Aviation Administration has also listed numerous different categorizations of airspace accidents, which includes the following:

  • Midair collisions
  • Operational incidents
  • Pilot deviations
  • Runway incursions
  • Surface incidents
  • Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations

Such factors can contribute to accidents and collisions, however, they do embody a limited range of those facets which may influence the safety and wellbeing of both pilot and passenger. We also know that external factors, like weather conditions, maintenance problems, mechanical malfunctions, aircraft design, and others, may additionally contribute to the safety and continued operation of aircrafts carrying passengers.

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If you or someone you know has sustained an injury caused by an aviation accident, you need to know that you have chosen a lawyer who is knowledgeable and understanding of the intricate problems which are caused by aviation accidents. At InjuryTN, you will discover the accomplished Middle Tennessee personal injury and wrongful death attorneys who have experience with aviation and a depth of knowledge in the industry. We know the best strategies for investigating aviation accidents and have reliable professional expertise in many different fields which can aid in these investigations.

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