Bicycle Related Injuries

Bike Accidents in Tennessee

bicycle and helmet on ground aftermath of bicycle accident

National Highway Safety Transportation (NHST) officials conducted several studies between 2009 and 2010 regarding bicycle related accidents that reported over fifty thousand incidents involving bicycles in which victims were injured, and multiple fatalities in between each year’s findings. As an increasingly popular method of transportation, bicycles are becoming more and more common on roads across the nation due to costs and efficiency. With this increased participation in bicycling comes the added risk of injury-causing accidents, so it’s more important than ever to be aware of Tennessee’s safety regulations regarding bicycles.

Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles

Tennessee law accommodates for cyclists with its “share the road” inclusions. Under this piece of legislation, individuals riding bicycles are permitted to access major roadways used by cars and other motor vehicles. While this is fair in terms of transportation rights, it is also a fact to be cautiously considered: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) studies showed over fifty thousand bicycle accidents caused by motor vehicle collisions in 2010. Of these, over 600 injuries were fatal. When drivers notice cyclists, they should exercise caution in their driving behavior, and the same goes for cyclists in this situation. Everyone has the right to transportation using a bicycle, but precautions must be observed by all persons sharing the road in order ensure that incidents are at a minimum.

Accidents Between Bicycles And Children

Many Americans begin riding bicycles at an early age, and the classroom for these lessons is typically a neighborhood road shared by motor vehicles and other travelers. Children are less developed than adults and are thus more likely to sustain serious injury from bicycle related accidents, so it is crucial that parents are attentive when their children are riding bicycles on public roadways and always be certain that their children are taking proper precautions as far as helmets and brakes. Children are also harder to see than adults by motorists who might be distracted or negligent. Cases in which a child is injured or killed in a bicycle accident typically result in the parents’ receiving compensatory damages from the parties at fault.

Malfunctioning Helmets

Cyclists do not have the protection offered by motorists when they leave the driveway. Fatalities are easier for bicycle riding persons than those in a car or other motor vehicle, so it’s crucial for cyclists to observe appropriate protocol and protect their vital areas. Helmets are designed to protect the head from impact and collisions. While cyclists sustaining injury might be at fault themselves if they were not wearing a helmet due to negligence, malfunctions with helmets or defective equipment is cause for a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Product liability ensures that persons who suffer injury due to defective goods or services are granted compensation.

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Malfunctioning Bicycle Equipment

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, furthers its efforts on a daily basis to have faulty products recalled so that they do not cause injury due to malfunctions. Some manufacturers will try to save on costs by improperly assembling bicycle equipment or using insufficient and unstable materials, and the CPSC seeks to have such parties reprimanded for their dangerous behavior. A defective bicycle can lead to any number of injuries, and in many cases accidents are fatal. Persons who believe that they sustained harm due to a bicycle’s defective nature should seek compensation based on product liability.

Dangerous Roadway Environments

In many accidents related to bicycles, the cyclists and drivers involved in the collisions are themselves to some degree liable for the incident. However, it is unfortunately very common for road conditions to cause such accidents. Roadway environments that most frequently lead to collision or other injury in bicycle accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Washouts in the road;
  • Cracked road pavement, or concrete that has buckled;
  • Lack of guardrails or barriers;
  • Limited drainage leading to floods;
  • Curbs in a debilitating state of disrepair;
  • Potholes.

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