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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Bus Accidents

Small Bus Accident

Traffic accidents involving buses are one of the most dangerous types of collisions due to the large physical proportions of buses. With the proper amount of evidence, one can receive a fair amount of compensation for damage caused by a bus related crash. This is why it is paramount to attain a bus accident lawyer who has experience representing people just like you who have been injured in a bus related incident.

A study conducted in 2009 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration calculated over 250 reported deaths as a result of accidents involving buses, with recorded injuries at 20,000 persons.

Factors Leading to Bus Collisions

There are a number of specific reasons why a bus accident might occur. Failure to abide by traffic laws, negligent or distracted driving, inability to follow service guidelines, DUI’s, disorderly bus passengers, malfunctioning technology, tiredness on behalf of bus drivers, speeding, excessively aggressive driving tactics, and driving over the speed limit have been found to be the most common factors causing bus accidents in the state of Tennessee.

Investigating Bus Related Accidents

Bus drivers are required to undergo extensive training regarding procedure in the case of traffic accidents, and are expected to be able to effectively confront any potential scenario. Entities employing bus drivers go through great pains to ensure that they are not liable for such accidents and have thorough policies regarding the gathering of substantial evidence. It can be difficult to seek damages in bus related cases due to the likelihood of the bus driver having impressive legal representation and resources at his or her disposal.

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Evidence Spoliation

Persons seeking to defend themselves in bus accident cases should immediately seek tangible evidence of any black box or logbook recordings involved, witness testimonies, evidence captured using cell phones or other devices, and descriptive proof of the physical circumstances of the incident. An attorney is crucial for gathering this evidence because many victims in these types of cases are injured and incapable of doing so themselves.

Filing Lawsuits During Medical Treatment

Compensation for harm caused by bus accidents can be provided to victims even while they are being medically treated for their injuries. However, there are certain requirements to determine eligibility and limits in such a situation, and these vary from case to case.

Bus Related Damages

Compensation for bus related incidents could be provided for a wide range of reasons. Decreased earnings, disfigurement, medical costs, harm to property, permanent injuries, and pain or suffering are some of the most common incentives for receiving damages in these cases. There are, however, countless reasons why one might receive compensation.

Death Of Driver At Fault

While the death of a driver whose negligence caused a bus related accident is a tragic occurrence, there is still a strong likelihood that damages caused by his or her behavior will need to be paid. Tennessee legislation accommodates drivers harmed or suffering property damage as a result of a bus accident in which the driver at fault was killed by tapping into the decedent’s insurance coverage and even his or her estate.

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Types Of Bus Accidents

  • Airport Shuttles: Accidents involving this type of bus are not uncommon due to the high chance of passenger distractions, faulty communications with airport bases, and boredom resulting from the regularity of the route. It can be difficult to press charges on an airport, but injured persons in airport shuttle accidents are entitled to compensation for damages incurred.
  • Church Transports: Buses or large vans are frequently used by religious organizations to transport parishioners. Despite the awkward nature of bus accidents involving such institution, damages still must be paid to injured victims, and it is within their rights to press charges on either a church or transport Service Company.
  • Charters: Charter buses are hired for countless specific events and services, and account for several of the reported bus related accidents in Tennessee. An added complication to such incidents is the possibility that alcohol is permitted aboard the vehicle, which can result in more severe penalties for persons at fault as well as increased damages for victims injured during the collision.
moving bus
  • Municipal Buses: Public transportation buses operate on a daily basis and are used by numerous people for a variety of purposes. Passengers aboard municipal buses are given priority in the circumstance of injury, while pedestrians, other motorists, and other potentially involved parties are entitled to reasonable compensation. Government sponsored vehicles have specific requirements in accident cases, and so such cases can get fairly complicated.
  • Medical Transport Buses (Non-emergency related): Medical buses that fall under this category owe passengers first priority in terms of treatment and compensation, much like municipal vehicles. The added complexities of potential parties at risk who are in an unstable condition due to medical reasons make the process of determining fault and damages difficult in many circumstances.
  • Tour Buses: As with other service providing buses, tour vehicles are first responsible for the safety of passengers before other involved parties.
  • Prison Buses: Unlike many accidents involving buses, negligence is not attributed to drivers of prison buses despite there being similar if not identical conditions leading to incident. Legal representation is crucial for victims who are prisoners aboard such buses in the event of a crash.
  • School Buses: Children are more at risk for death in traffic accidents than adults, and school bus drivers are responsible for the safety of any child aboard their vehicles. Cases involving children are extremely complex and involve specific categories of damages and processes for determining fault.
  • Hotel Shuttles: As with other service-providing transport buses, hotel shuttles give priority compensation to passengers.

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