Private Bus Accidents

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Private Bus Accidents

Injuries and other accidents resulting from private bus trips, which can include anything from airport shuttles to commercial transports and everything in between, have been becoming more and more prominent. In total, the U.S. is host to thousands of private motor coach entities, and the numbers continue to increase as time progresses.

However, with this progress comes impromptu operations which do not have the adequate resources necessary in training their employees and maintaining the working order of their equipment. Further, there are even more prominent operations which require drivers to work extended hours, arrive at their destinations in a timely manner, and to fill their passenger and cargo cabins as much as they can. These factors heavily contribute to the ever-heightening risk of serious bus accidents.

Fortunately, the accomplished personal injury lawyers at InjuryTN have been representing those injured in Middle Tennessee for over 25 years. Our attorneys know that even though federal lawmakers do pay special attention to the safety of private buses, but unfortunately, rules and regulations that are meant to protect the safety of all passengers as well as other individuals in proximity to the bus are not always followed.

Causes of Private Bus Accidents in Tennessee

Recently, private bus accidents have been caused by numerous factors, including some of the following:

  • Poor conditions of the vehicle’s tires and/or braking system
  • Appropriate licensure of all drivers
  • Failure to remain in the vehicle’s proper lane of traffic
  • Driver fatigue

While we typically trust companies which operate fleets of private buses to offer appropriately qualified and licensed drivers in addition to well maintained buses, repeated accidents have proven that this sadly isn’t always the case. Generally, one private bus accident occurs every month in Tennessee.

Determining Liability in Private Bus Accidents

When a private bus accident occurs, it is critical that you employee the help of a team of accomplished bus accident lawyers to take your case. While liability in these types of accidents might appear to be pretty straightforward, they can end up being much more intricate than they first seemed.

Liability in these accidents may be difficult to identify, dependent upon what insurance policies the bus agency had. Every case will differ, but a few of the most common entities that are normally held responsible for private bus accidents include some of the following:

  • Bus company – the entity to which the private bus belongs. The bus company should be practicing routine maintenance for the vehicle and its equipment.
    • Employers are often held responsible for the negligence of their drivers as well, but in the majority of these cases involving a driver who is claimed as independent, courts will often determine that the company should held liable, since the driver is the company’s employee.

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  • Bus driver – direct responsibility of the individual who is driving the bus. In the event that the driver did not have the appropriate license to operate the vehicle, was intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, was careless or fatigued, then that individual driver’s insurance agency might be held responsible.
  • Destinations – any location which the bus was headed towards, depending on the level of control the site had over incoming and outgoing vehicles, in addition to other contracting details that were established between the location and the bus agency, such as financial incentives.
  • GPS Devices (product owners or manufacturers) – GPS apparatuses are limited for use in commercial vehicle due to their inability to account for vehicle height and weight restrictions.
  • Touring Agency – the firm that normally would be held responsible for the planning, routing, and scheduling of all tour details.
    • These companies will frequently draft contracts with other businesses to utilize their fleet of buses and drivers.

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