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Tennessee legislation on driving automobiles maintains “Rules of the Road” statutory requisites in order to determine negligence involved in car accidents. If a driver is proven to have caused an automobile accident by failing to reasonably respond to driving obstacles, then he or she might have to face severe legal consequences.

Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcoholic or otherwise impairing substances is highly illegal in Tennessee. If a driver has a blood alcohol content, or BAC, of over 0.08% then his or her driving qualifies as a DUI. Those facing DUI charges will likely be responsible for damages and injury related harm caused by the incident. In addition to negligence charges, a drunk driver can also be charged with recklessness due to unreasonable risky behavior, which means additional punitive damages.

Seat Belts

For the safety of drivers and passengers, it is crucial that seat belts be worn in the car. In Tennessee, deaths and fatalities occurring due to improper seat belt usage is steadily on the rise. The Tennessee Highway Patrol, or THP, is likewise strengthening their efforts to catch offenders of seat belt legislation. There are varying guidelines for children and adults, as well as other circumstance related inclusions.

Driving While Distracted

It is dangerous and illegal to drive an automobile while distracting yourself with things such as cell phones, radio, or using a GPS. There are countless ways to take your eyes off the road while driving, and all of them qualify as examples of negligence in any Tennessee traffic accident case. It is unsafe for not only the drivers and passengers of the vehicle, but also the other drivers and pedestrians encountered on the road. Taking action to prevent texting or other distractions while operating a car is important, but if you are charged on these grounds, it may be possible to adequately defend yourself with a good attorney.

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Fleeing The Crime (Hit And Runs)

It is both illegal and immoral to depart the scene of a car accident in which you are involved, especially when people have been harmed by the collision. In vehicular incidents, Tennessee law provides that drivers must contact the authorities, give assistance, and exchange information so that they may get in touch to complete the legal process. To do otherwise is a state felony. Furthermore, it’s highly likely that a good attorney, police officer, or private investigator could track down a hit and run driver – so it’s in your best interest to stay and help. Victims of hit and runs in which the driver is NOT located are not in danger. There are plenty of methods of compensation for those who have suffered from a hit and run.

Wrong Direction Incidents

While driving the wrong way might sometimes be a genuine mistake, it is still one of the leading causes of severe traffic fatalities in Tennessee due to the short reaction time, typical intermediate to fast speeds, and likelihood of head on collision. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs might explain one’s driving in the wrong direction. However there are also several external factors that could reasonably rationalize one’s unintentional violation of wrong way law. Technology that discourages this behavior is on the rise: sensors and camera are being installed more frequently in order to both warn and identify offenders.

Driving Without Insurance

Traffic accidents in which one or more drivers are uninsured can cause much financial distress for many, if not every, person involved. There are countless reasons why a driver may not have insurance. If you’re faced with damages that need to be paid and another driver in the accident is uninsured, then you have the option of either recovering losses using your own insurance’s uninsured driver coverage policy, or by suing the driver in question.

Construction Areas And Traffic Incidents

The most common causes of car accidents in construction zones are motorists driving over the appropriate speed, distracted drivers, and inadequate construction zone indications. Depending on the circumstances, either the involved drivers or construction workers on duty could be at fault. Determining the cause of the accident is crucial to the success of a construction zone case.

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Different Types of Collisions

Head-on collision of two cars a car accident lawyer can help
  • Head On: Responsible for an enormous portion of traffic related fatalities in Tennessee, head on collisions occur when two vehicles going opposite directions make direct impact. Risky lane shifts, wrong way driving, and blind curves are common causes of head on collisions and should be given full consideration by drivers.
  • T-Bones: Broadside collisions, also known as T-Bone collisions, occur when two vehicles impact perpendicularly (front to side). Failure to stop at traffic lights and road signs and improper yielding behavior are two major causes of T-Bone incidents. Such accidents are often fatal, so legal consequences are severe.
  • Rear-End: One of the most common traffic accidents, rear-end collisions occur when vehicles sharing a road impact front to back. The fast the driving, the more dangerous the collision – so speed limits should be carefully observed. Fault in rear-end accidents will be determined based on reasonable driving behavior.
  • Sideswipes: Often caused by improper yielding, merging, and distracted driving, sideswipe collisions occur when two vehicles make contact side to side during a lane shift or similar maneuver. There are very few safety features on the sides of cars, so injuries and consequences can be extreme.

Passenger and Pedestrian Harm

Depending on the severity of the wreck and who is proven to be at fault, passengers in car accidents are often awarded compensation for any damages. They have the option of pursuing legal action against either the driver of their vehicle, the other driver, outside involved persons, or seeking aid from their own insurance. Negligent or intoxicated drivers are the leading cause of pedestrian traffic accidents. They are extremely fatal in most cases, and typically result in severe legal consequences for the drivers involved. A pedestrian injured in a car accident can be well compensated for any resulting physical or mental harm.

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