Aggressive Driving & Road Rage

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Aggressive Driving & Road Rage

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Speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Nashville or elsewhere in Middle Tennessee is one of the most important steps one can take following an accident of any kind. At InjuryTN, we’ve culminated decades of experience representing individuals who have been injured or killed due to the actions of an aggressive driver.

Making sure to provide a compelling case by understanding all circumstances and proving all facts regarding an incident requires an experienced law firm with the legal know-how and technical resources necessary for proving your case. We often see cases which have the at-fault driver’s insurance company paying a claim in order to avoid going to trial, which can have a drastic effect on the outcome of a case.

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Avoid Becoming the Victim of Another Driver’s Road Rage

Road rage does diverge from aggressive driving with the fact that it is typically created by an event which heightens to the point of becoming a criminal offense. In order to avoid becoming the victim of an aggressive driver, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests the following:

  • Do not offend:
    • Make sure you have plenty of room and are not cutting someone off when merging.
    • Avoid driving slowly in the left lane.
    • Maintain a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you.
    • Don’t make obscene or otherwise unpleasant gestures.3
  • Do not engage:
    • Do your best to avoid aggressive drivers.
    • Try not to make eye contact with a visibly angry driver.
    • Seek help from local authorities if you believe another driver may be following you or attempting to start a fight.
  • Change your approach:
    • Adjusting your own attitude towards driving has the potential to make every ride a more pleasant one.
    • Make more time for your trip so it isn’t a race against the clock.
    • Try not to take the actions of other drivers personally, you may not be fully aware of the circumstances another driver is experiencing.

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