Bicycle Accidents: Car v. Bicyclist

Tennessee Injury Law: Cars v. Bicyclists

Blue bike on a pedestrian crossing after fatal incident with a car

Tennessee is among the most dangerous states in the nation for bicycle accidents with almost 10 deaths every year. According the Tennessee Traffic and Safety Commission in 2019, a total of 344 riders were injured in Tennessee cycling accidents. Over 50 more bicycle accidents ended with Property Damage costing more than $400.

The attorneys at InjuryTN understand the impactful results such accidents have on individuals and families. The popularity of cycling for reasons of recreation as well as fitness has caused middle-aged men to become the most likely victims of cycling incidents. Often the main wage earner of the household, which can leave a family financially devastated.

Similar to accidents involving pedestrians, the results of bicycling accidents usually include lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitative care, as well as painful injuries which may not be sufficiently covered by insurance. Not to mention hit and run accidents, which may leave a victim without the person at fault and no foreseeable means of recovering.

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Avoiding Bicycle Accidents: Tennessee Bicycling Laws

If you or someone you know has been injured in a biking accident, it is of utmost importance that you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Nashville as soon as you can. At InjuryTN, we mobilize a team of legal experts to examine the specifics of your case and pursue the highest remuneration allowed by law. With certain cases, such examinations might require our team to seek conviction against an at-fault driver’s personal assets. In others, our team may be able to obtain compensation from insurance policies held on other vehicles. Tennessee Bicycle Laws require riders follow these laws:

  • Always ride on the right-hand side of the road
  • Abide by all traffic signs, lights, and signals
  • Communicate any intended movements by using hand gestures
  • Equip the front of your bicycle with either a white reflector or light visible up to 500 feet away
  • Equip the rear of your bicycle with either a red reflector or light visible up to 500 feet away
  • Any riders under the age of 16 must wear a bicycle helmet at all times
  • All passengers under 40 inches or 40 pounds are required to be seated and secured in a child seat or trailer

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Although motorcyclists will confront a few similar threats because of their limited size and susceptibility, those riding bicycles will also face an unparalleled lack of consideration from other motorists. Unfortunately, motorists commonly become irritated by bicycle riders, and a numerous amount of states have determined it unlawful to overcrowd or otherwise intimidate them.

But when it comes to bicycle safety, there’s still progress yet to be made. Lots of cities, including Nashville, have bike share programs which exponentially increase the popularity of cycling. Companies which provide bike rentals to the public are also responsible for ensuring the safety of their riders. However, when a bike rider is gravely injured or killed, it is imperative to consult a law firm who has experience protecting the rights of and providing appropriate resources for riders.

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