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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Defective Vehicles

Most families view the purchase of a brand new car as a substantial investment. In return, one would anticipate a dependable, safe ride that has the potential to last for years. Sadly, the risk of purchasing a dangerous or defective vehicle is still apparent. Sometimes, manufacturers are accused of covering such risks to avoid detection by consumers or governmental agencies.

car running through red light on the intersection and hitting another car

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Occasionally, a vehicle’s defect might not even be a known cause of an accident, in which case the timely consultation of a legal expert becomes all the more imperative. All too often, we see that defects go unnoticed as a contributor to a severe accident.

Resources for Vehicle Owners

Fortunately,, a government-run website solely devoted to providing information to consumers about defects and safety ratings, as well as other issues that might correlate with new or used vehicles, exists. It can prove to be an invaluable resource during the process of purchasing a new or used vehicle. Throughout the country, there have been almost 400 million vehicle recalls, which adds up to more than one vehicle per person in the US. Often, the very safety features manufacturers attempt to implement become the cause of safety recalls.

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At InjuryTN, our associates thoroughly investigate the probable causes of an accident to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible under the law. In certain cases, the manufacturer of a defective vehicle may partially be at fault. With other cases, faulty roads, untended vegetation, damaged traffic-control equipment, or any number of other causes may be to blame. Determining any and all parties responsible is a vital component in establishing the most appropriate course of action in order to acquire the highest possible compensation permitted by law.

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