Distracted Driving

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Driving While Distracted

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Collisions between motor vehicles on the roadway caused by distracted driving are some of the most frequently occurring types of accidents, and the injuries involved can be extremely fatal or have long-lasting consequences. While cars and trucks have been necessary conveniences in modern society, the operation of such a vehicle comes with the responsibility to abide by Tennessee State and federal safety regulations. Violations of safety precaution, or proven instances of recklessness while driving are usually punishable by hefty expenses and, in some cases, jail time. The penalties are not so severe for no reason – legal officials are doing everything within their power to discourage unsafe driving and reduce the yearly total of collisions leading to injuries.

One of the most common ways in which drivers neglect their obligation to engage in safe operation of their vehicles is by distracting themselves with stimuli that are unrelated to the drive. Distracted driving is a serious offense when an individual is evidenced to have cause an automobile collision as a result. Such negligence is not tolerated in Tennessee as well as the rest of the nation, so it’s important for drivers to be aware of the state and federal stances on responsible driving techniques.

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Factors Leading To Distraction While Driving

There is no concrete list of potential distractions that can cause a driver to pay less attention to the task at hand. Any number of things can cause a person to take his or her eyes off of the road, and all it takes is a split second for things to go wrong. Awareness while driving is one of the most crucial aspects, and some common ways in which driver frequently inhibit their capacities for this perception include, but are not limited to:

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  • Passengers sharing the ride who cause distraction by rowdy behavior, or even conversation that becomes too engaging for the driver to pay full attention to his or her behavior.
  • Texting or using any smartphone or tablet while driving – these days, such distractions are often limited to iPhones and Androids, but any cell phone use while operating a motor vehicle qualifies as a distraction.
  • Inputting coordinates into a GPS smart device, or paying too much attention to the route on the GPS screen instead of observing immediate surroundings.
  • Signs for food or gas, visually stimulating attractions, and wrecks are all contributors to rubbernecking. This is, in essence, simply the act of giving too much notice to parts of the environment that are unrelated to the actual course of the drive.
  • Eating or drinking while driving, especially when the act involves containers or lids that need attention to seal or remove.
  • Focusing too much attention on the radio, mp3 player, smart device, CD player, or other music producing technology while driving.
  • Changing articles of clothing while the vehicle is in motion, or otherwise inhibiting oneself so that hands are removed from the steering wheel.

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Dangers Of Distracted Driving

There are many persons on roadways every day, and so there are many variations of potential casualties as the result of a collision caused by distracted driving. Crashing into a truck or other large vehicle typically leads to severe injuries, as well as colliding into inanimate structures like traffic signs, trees, and telephone poles. Pedestrians, in particular, are in constant danger of distracted drivers, since they have no vehicle to protect themselves from an impact. A distract driver who does not notice a pedestrian will likely not slow down in the instance of a collision – so such accidents are almost always fatal. However, drivers should always be aware that their behavior behind the wheel influences not only his or herself and any passengers, but also other drivers on the road, pedestrians, cyclists, and other such individuals who might make use of the road environment.

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