Head-On Collisions

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Head-On Collisions

head on collision between trucks

Accidents between motor vehicles on roadways are one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities occurring to persons in the state of Tennessee, as well as the United States in general. The high speeds and incredible mass modern automobiles and trucks, combined with today’s heavy traffic have resulted in an enormous amount of hospitalizations and deaths on a yearly basis.

One of the most dangerous types of collisions that can occur between motor vehicles is a head-on collision. In this type of traffic incidents, vehicles make impact face first when drivers collide directly into one another from opposition directions. These accidents are often fatal, and are also usually responsible for incredible physical damage to the involved motor vehicles themselves. Both automotive and medical expenses from head-on collisions are likely to be expensive – so it’s important for victims to be aware of the processes by which Tennessee courts will determine fault and calculate damages in automobile collisions that are “head-on.”

Causes Of Head-On Collisions

There are countless reasons why drivers might impact one another in a head-on collision, but someone is typically responsible for the circumstances. Factors leading to head-on collisions include, but are not limited to:

  • Drivers attempting to negotiate a blind curve;
  • Inattentive drivers who accidentally swerve into the other lane into oncoming traffic;
  • Drivers who accidentally maneuver their vehicle in the wrong direction on a one-way street;
  • Drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Risks and Dangers Involved

Head-on collisions are not the most common of automobile accidents, accounting for only two percent (2%) of yearly collisions in a study conducted by the state of Tennessee. However, their infrequent nature does not mean that they are less dangerous. Two cars hurtling towards one another at high speeds means increased likelihood of fatalities, and indeed, a reported eighteen percent (18%) of all traffic accidents involving fatal injuries are cases of head-on collisions. In situations where one car in a head-on collision is moving faster than the other, the vehicle moving at a slower speed may forced backwards. The jerk of the first crash immediately followed by a second nasty tug in the opposite direction means incredible trauma for the victims in the slower vehicle. Situations in which a truck collides head-on with a smaller motor vehicle are also extremely dangerous for the drivers and passengers of the car.

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Preventing Head-On Collisions

Inattentive, negligent, reckless, or distracted drivers, as well as those who are also violating Tennessee’s Driving Under the Influence (DUI) legislation cause most cases of head-on collisions. Drivers are required by law to assure that their vehicles are properly maintained and not liable to malfunction, and also to stay alert while operating their vehicles. Safety regulations, such as using mirrors, turn signals, and seat belts are also heavily enforced by state officials. Driving is an enormous convenience, but there are many related dangers that drivers are expected to consider before getting behind the wheel. Tennessee courts often designate fault in head-on collision cases, as well as any other traffic accident, to the driver who failed to take proper preventative measures.

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