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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Hit-and-Run Accidents

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The expert hit and run lawyers at InjuryTN have dedicated their practice to protecting the rights of those who have been affected by car accidents like hit-and-runs. Throughout the Middle Tennessee area, our personal injury lawyers have culminated the knowledge and experience required for managing cases that involve underinsured drivers over a span of 25 years. With the significant world events that have taken place over the course of recent months, many Tennessee drivers have been left without adequate car insurance.

Hit-and-run accidents frequently leave the victim without any method of ensuring recovery or compensating for the price of damages that were caused. Typically, when the driver is found, they are identified as an uninsured driver meaning the victim is left to their own devices to account for the medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, as well as the suffering endured.

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Too often, hit-and-run incident involve innocent bystanders, pedestrians, and/or bicyclists, which can have dramatic effects on the livelihood of the victim. In 2019, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported over 6,000 pedestrians and bicyclist, collectively, lives had been lost in traffic crash incidents. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, Davidson County alone saw over 400 accidents involving pedestrians that year – making it among the most dangerous counties in the state for pedestrians.

Usually, hit-and-run cases will end up as criminal cases in Tennessee following the identification and arrest of the driver. With these cases, civil claims for damages might be affected if the defendant loses their job, is unable to work, or is sentenced to jail. This often results in the defendant wasting valuable resources and time on defending themselves against criminal charges. These kinds of issues make it distinctly crucial to pursue legal counsel in order to recover compensation from any available insurance policies, which includes the policies held by the victim of the accident as well as those held by other members of the household.

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Hit-and-runs often leave victims handling the fallout of another driver’s actions alone. Our hit and run lawyers have the experience needed to champion your rights and acquire the compensation you deserve!

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At InjuryTN, our attorneys thoroughly carry out a thoughtful review of the facts regarding an accident, working with both parties to collaborate on the coordination of the case to keep you informed, and determining what resources are available to assist in recovery. With cases in which we’ve been contacted promptly following an accident, we may even be able to help identify the driver at fault.

Although cases involving hit-and-run incidents often take a long time, our attorneys move quickly to determine which paths might be the best to take in order to get you the compensation you deserve. Our Nashville personal injury attorneys believe that every victim of accidents of any kind deserves timely access to the quality legal counsel they deserve. Contact our office, available by phone 24/7 at 615-640-HURT to get started with your case today.

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