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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Parking Lot Accidents

More than any other age group, young children and the elderly are at a particularly higher risk of experiencing an accident in a parking lot. The parking lot accident lawyers at InjuryTN fully appreciate the significant trauma and expenses that often come with being a victim to a parking lot incident.

Close focus on parking spaces with no cars.

While initially declaring a new rule which requires that rear view cameras be installed on all vehicles following the 2014 model year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration faced backlash from lobbyists representing manufacturers of automobiles. These complaints included abnormally high costs to as well as logistical difficulties for manufacturers. Fortunately, early in 2014, the NHSTA continued to push for the requirement of backup cameras, this time setting the legal requirement for manufacturers to install them on all model years after 2016. Now, all newly manufactured vehicles are required by law to come with a camera installed on the rear bumper of the automobile.

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Aside from parking lot accidents, an increasing amount of back-over accidents take place in the driveways of individuals’ homes. Sadly, these kinds of accidents often involve young children playing near vehicles around the holidays while visiting family. Additionally, these incidents may not only involve the driver at fault, but also the liability of the property owner. A lack of visible parking traffic lines and/or pedestrian walkways may also contribute to these accidents.

Cases like those described above require the immediate action of all parties involved, and finding the right firm you can trust to protect the lives of those whose may be at stake is the most crucial step one can take after experiencing an accident. Injuries inflicted on children can complicate their development during rehabilitation and beyond. Years may even go by before realizing the long-term damages caused by the accident. When cases involve fatalities, the parents and siblings of the victim might require extensive counseling among other social services.

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Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents

We recommend following these safety tips any time you are backing out of a driveway or parking space:

  • Before driving a vehicle, always walk around and check all sides.
  • Parents of young children should ensure the whereabouts of their children prior to starting a vehicle.
  • Parents should teach children not to play around vehicles
  • Toys, bicycles, sports equipment, and other such items should never be left in the driveway

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