Rear-End Collisions

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Rear-End Collisions

rear end collision

In areas of high levels of traffics where there are many cars sharing the road, rear-end collisions are always a frequently occurring accident. In most cases, such collisions are minor and there are often cases in which any party involved does not incur injuries. However, damage is usually a factor in cases involving rear-end collisions, and so it’s important to be aware of Tennessee’s specific state legislation regarding traffic accidents so that either party is satisfied with the result and that all damages are paid for by the responsible driver. Insurance typically covers rear-end collisions, and in cases where insurance is not had by one or more drivers, it is possible to sue a driver for injuries or damage incurred via a rear-end collision.

Causes Of Rear-End Collisions

In Tennessee, courts most often consider the driver of the vehicle in the rear of the collision to be the responsible party who is liable for any harm or damage that happens as a result. Some of the most common factors leading to rear-end collisions include, but are not limited to:

  • “Tailgating” on behalf of drivers in the rear of rear-end collision, which means that he or she was following the other car too closely and leading to increased risk of impact. Sometimes this is a case of impatience on behalf of the driver at fault or simply driving that is too aggressive, however there are often situations in which drivers guilty of tailgating have done so intentionally to provoke the driver in front.
  • Negligence or inattentiveness on behalf of the driver in the rear, so that he or she failed to stop at the appropriate traffic signals and impacts a vehicle who is already stopped or slowing down.
  • A motorist might also be rear-ended as a chain result from a collision happening further behind them in traffic. In such situations, drivers’ vehicles may be propelled forward into other vehicles causing more than one rear-end impact due to an original collision further behind on the road.

Dangers Of Rear-End Collisions

There are many factors to consider when assessing potential damage resulting from a rear-end collision. The size and weight of the vehicles involved in the accident, the health and age of the persons riding in or driving the vehicles, how fast the cars are moving at the time of impact, the specific mechanics of vehicles that are affected by collision, and weather conditions can all make the injuries or damage caused by a rear-end collision either minor or severe. A victim of harm in such accidents might suffer only from whiplash or bruises in the back or neck, but it’s also common for other critical injuries to be inflicted such as damage to rotator cuffs and spinal discs. If the circumstances are right, rear-end collisions can cause accidents with fatal injuries that result in the death of one or more victims.

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Prevention Of Rear-End Collisions

Drivers are most at risk for rear-end collisions when they are engaging in distracted or inattentive behavior. Recklessness is also a factor that is sometimes involved. This is dangerous not just because driving in these conditions can cause rear-end collisions, but also any number of other more serious traffic accidents. When a driver is in an area where other vehicles are in close proximity, then he or she is responsible for assuring that a safe distance is kept between the vehicle and the others around it. When approaching traffic stops, drivers should also exercise caution in order to assure that they stop at the right time and that those behind them are not approaching too quickly. Wearing safety belts and maintaining functional airbags are also key to ensuring that injuries are kept at a minimum in the case of a rear-end collision.

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