Rollover Accidents

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Rollover Accidents

Firefighters and police at a single vehicle rollover accident that ran into trees

In Nashville and throughout the Middle Tennessee area, rollover accidents, or accidents involving overturned vehicles, often lead to grave or fatal injuries. These injuries combined with the severe trauma endured as well as medical expenses accrued following the accident can leave those injured feeling helpless and vulnerable. It’s imperative during these times to seek the legal counsel that will defend your rights and protect your best interests. Our personal injury lawyers at InjuryTN have been fighting for victims’ rights following rollover incidents for over 20 years.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

As Tennessee Car Accident Attorneys, we are intimately familiar with the complex factors that can make these cases so difficult to experience. Claims involving defective vehicles as well as passenger restraints often contribute to these factors, whether this is due to genuine claims being made by the plaintiff or mitigations from defense attorneys on behalf of their client. Additionally, serious or fatal injury cases can see insurance carriers taking aggressive action to mount a defense.

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If you have been involved in a rollover accident, you need legal help to fight for you and protect your well-being. Certain causes may call for compensatory damages, so contact our office today to schedule your FREE consultation with a TN car accident attorney!

A Brief History of Rollover Accidents in Tennessee

Although a mere 3 percent of all accidents which occur in the U.S. involve reports of rollover accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration details that rollover accidents account for over 25 percent of all traffic fatalities. In light of these facts, the US government introduced new standards for ejection mitigation by early 2011 which strived to prevent such destructive accidents. By 2013, the new standards, which required all vehicle manufacturers to begin installing the newly developed Rollover Curtain Airbags in vehicles.

  • 2014: The U.S. Department of Transportation releases a new search tool that can be used to find recall information on vehicles by their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • 2015: The NHSTA funds the development of programs which assigned safety ratings to vehicles by testing crash protection.
  • 2020: The NHSTA continues to research new programs that encourage manufacturers to create better crash protection technologies.

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The experienced personal injury attorneys at InjuryTN fully understand the complex contributing factors involved in dealing with rollover accidents in Middle Tennessee. The most important step you can take after experiencing a rollover accident is choosing the right attorney to help defend your rights as a driver and a consumer. Before you make a choice, though, we invite you to reach out to the car accident experts at InjuryTN. Our attorneys have the experience necessary in securing the most beneficial outcome of any accident.

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