Sideswipe Injuries

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Sideswipe Collisions

sideswipe accident

When victims, and even culprits, of sideswipe traffic accidents have injury or damage to their vehicles, the consequences can be severe. People are caught in such automobile collisions on a daily basis in both Tennessee and other states in the U.S. Typically; these types of accidents are caused by driver negligence, distraction, or operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In most sideswipe cases, someone is liable for harm caused to victims as well as damage incurred to their vehicles. Legal representation is advised for all cases related to motor vehicle accidents, but sideswipe cases have a tendency to have significant stakes for both the offending driver and any relevant victims.

Causes Of Sideswipe Accidents

Automobile collisions in which two motor vehicles traveling in the same direction in different lanes impact each other from side to side are considered “sideswipes” by Tennessee courts. Improper use of safety techniques when a driver shifts from one lane to another is a big culprit of sideswipe traffic accidents. Causes of sideswipes include, but are not limited to:

  • Distracted or inattentive drivers who shift from one lane to another without checking over their shoulder and in the mirrors to determine if their path is clear (failure to yield).
  • Drivers moving between lanes in the road who are texting, talking on the phone, changing their radio or music player, conversing with other passengers, or otherwise engaging in inappropriate driver behavior.
  • Fatigue on behalf of drivers switch lanes resulting in distracted or inattentive driving.
  • Failure on behalf of a driver to use proper turn signals when switching between lanes, resulting in other driver’s unawareness of his or her intention to merge.
  • One or more involved drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol, leading to decreased functionality in their motor skills.
  • Reckless or unreasonable driving behavior, leading to inattention when merging between lanes of traffic.

Most every collision involving sideswipes results from improper perpetuation of traffic safety laws, like using turn signals and checking both in mirrors and over the shoulder to assure that there are no oncoming vehicles in the lane targeted for a merge.

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Dangers Of Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe automobile accidents are generally quite dangerous, due to the fact that most motor vehicles are not equipped with extensive safety precautions on the sides of their vehicles. A great number of traffic collisions happen to either the back or front of a car, so the padding separating a driver or passenger from external impacts are not entirely protective. Furthermore, many sideswipe collisions result in the impact of other vehicles or roadside obstacles, such as guardrails, traffic signs, trees, and telephone poles. Cars are often knocked out of their course by a sideswipe, resulting in a greater chance that other persons in the area will be affected by the accident. Pedestrians and unsuspecting drivers of other, smaller vehicles are often victimized by sideswipe collisions that occur between other vehicles. Fatalities due to the nature of the crash are frequent, and it’s more than possible for injuries to be life altering.

Tennessee Legislation For Lane Shifts And Sideswipes

State codes related to operating motor vehicles in Tennessee require all drivers to assure that they are undistracted and attentive of all surrounding factors of their driving environment. Drivers should take great pains to keep watch on other vehicles and potentially threatening behavior of other entities on the road. If a person can be proved to have engaged in behavior on the road which caused a traffic accident, especially dangerous collisions like sideswipes, then the inappropriate merging or lane shifts are punishable under Tennessee motor vehicle legislation, and such drivers are liable for injuries and damages to victims and their vehicles.

Legal Representation For Sideswipe Collisions

Contact our offices if you or a loved one has suffered injuries or damages as a result of a sideswipe collision, especially if such harm was fatal. Our team of attorneys has the experience, connections, and resources that are ideal for ensuring the best possible settlement in a wide variety of cases involving lane merges and sideswipe accidents. If another driver is at fault, then you are entitled to compensation. Set up an initial consultation with one of our skilled legal representatives as soon as possible, and get on track towards receiving the damages you deserve for injuries incurred during a sideswipe automobile accident.

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