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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Speeding Accidents

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The nation’s general lack of concern towards speeding is creating chaos on public roads. In 2018, the National Safety Council reported that more than one in four traffic fatalities throughout the year were attributed to speeding. This puts speeding high on the list of common causes to severe and fatal car accidents in the US, right alongside drunk driving. Unfortunately, local lawmakers and non-commercial motorists alike share a sense of apathy which does little to express concern for this risk.

Of course, the general consensus is that speeding is a hazard to everyone who occupies the road. But science keeps our awareness of this danger in check; the force of an impact more than doubles as soon as speed jumps from 40 to 60 miles per hour. Furthermore, the potential risk of involvement in a fatal car crash increases exponentially as speed escalates past 55 mph. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2018 saw more than 6.5 million highway crashes, which is over 17,000 accidents on highways daily. Yet, noncommercial drivers still remain dismissive of what risks are involved in exceeding the speed limit.

Speeding Accidents Pose A Serious Threat on the Open Road

According to the National Safety Council, the percentage of roadway accidents which involve speeding rises as roadway surfaces deteriorate. Changing weather conditions will continue to create risks on public and private roadways. These risks include:

  • dry roads
  • wet roads
  • snowy or slushy roads
  • roads with moving or standing water
  • icy or frosted-over roads
  • muddy, dirty, or otherwise unpaved roads

Still, speeding continues to be seen as the most socially acceptable traffic violation, regardless of the inherent risks involved with such violations, especially on the highway. Nearly half of all motorists questioned in a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety admitted to driving over the speed limit both on the freeway and in residential areas at some point in the last month.

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