Vehicular Accidents with Passengers

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Vehicular Accidents With Passengers

car accident involving passenger

Traffic accidents cause some of the most serious injuries every year both in the state of Tennessee as well as across the nation. The high speeds upon impact combine with the enormous mass of the vehicles involved to make the damage done to both people and individuals extremely severe. While drivers should seek to avoid automobile collisions for their own safety, as well as that of other drivers and pedestrians who might be on the road, they should also take into serious consideration the passengers who are sharing the ride. Even if mistakes made while driving are unintentional, they can be quite costly if they lead to a collision, and passengers riding in the car with you at that time will likely be entitled to a substantial amount of compensation for any mental or physical harm resulting from the accident.

Dangers For Passengers During Collisions

When you, as a driver, accept another person into your vehicle, you are taking his or her life into your hands. Drivers have an obligation to their passengers to ensure that the journey is safe, because passengers truly are at their mercy regardless of whether their doors are locked and seatbelt is properly hooked on. Sideswipes and head-on collisions are especially life-threatening types of accidents, and passengers riding in the front seat as well as any minor children in the backseat are definitely at risk of severe injuries in such situations. The dangers of driving, for passengers, are much the same as those involved for the actual driver. The difference between the two is the fact that passengers have no tangible influence over a vehicle’s course.

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Claims For Passengers

There are various types of claims that a passenger injured in a car accident can file in order to receive compensation for any injuries incurred as a result of the collision. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Filing a claim for recoverable damages from the driver of any other vehicles involved in the collision, especially if fault can definitely be designated upon a particular driver.
  • Filing a claim for damages against the person driving the automobile in which the passenger was riding when the accident occurred. In automobile accidents, fault rarely is attributed to passengers in the car causing the collision. Any negligence will be attributed to the driver of the vehicle, so he or she is almost certainly liable for providing compensation for any harm to passengers.
  • If a passenger injured in a traffic collision possesses automobile insurance of his or her own, then claims may be filed to them. This is particularly useful for accidents involving uninsured motorists, due to the fact that all Tennessee motor vehicle insurance policies include standard coverage for drivers who don’t have insurance.
  • Passengers may also file claims against construction companies if the accident occurred as the result of obstructions or fault by responsible parties in a construction zone. Common examples of such cases involve collisions caused by malfunctioning equipment, inadequately displayed or distributed warning signs, and obstructions separating traffic from the construction work.

Determining Fault

In the state of Tennessee, it is possible for multiple drivers to assigned fault in a collision if the circumstances call for it. Negligence is unacceptable from all drivers, and it’s not uncommon for collisions to occur due to mutual inattention from more than one person involved. In such situations, passengers may file more than one claim to more than one driver, as injured parties are eligible to receive compensation from any driver at fault.

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