Car Seat and Child Abandonment

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Car Seats & Child Abandonment

Car seat/child abandonment concept, Baby in rear facing car seat  has the safety belt on

Injuries caused by motor vehicle incidents are a leading factors resulting in fatalities among children in the United States. Unfortunately, numerous sever injuries as well as deaths are preventable when drivers exercise the appropriate precautions and safety measures, pay close attention when driving, and maintain diligent care over minors.

On average, the lives of nearly 5 minors below the age of 14 are lost and over 450 others sustain injuries as a direct result of motor vehicle accidents on a daily basis in the U.S, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Child car seats have proven to save an estimate exceeding 400 child lives when the appropriate safety devices are put to use. Time and time again, we see that the less these seats and other safety devices are not used, innocent children are injured, or worse, lose their lives.

Misuse of Child Safety Products

The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at InjuryTN are resolute advocates for Tennessee’s minor children. Our lawyers are proud to provide their fullest support to community initiatives which are created and implemented to enhance the safety conditions for everyone on Tennessee roads and similar vehicular circumstances. In the event that children are harmed due to issues with car seats, our accomplished personal injury and wrongful death attorneys understand the best methods to represent their best interests with compassion and effectiveness.

When it comes to lawsuits involving the safe handling and proper care of child car seats, our Middle Tennessee car seat injury lawyers understand that problems will continue to come about with defective products and incorrect usage. InjuryTN’s personal injury and wrongful death lawyers are aware of the numerous recalls made by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which implies that car seats have the potential to fail in protecting youngsters due to the seats’ improper design or faulty manufacture.

Furthermore, reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that more than 70% of all car and booster seats are utilized improperly. If a caretaker, daycare facility, or other third party incorrectly uses child car seats, dire injuries may be sustained by toddlers and infants.

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Child Abandonment in Middle Tennessee

Further issues relating to the injuries and even deaths of minor children in motor vehicles are accidental child abandonment. Middle Tennessee child injury attorneys at InjuryTN know that, especially in the sweltering summer months, temperatures inside motor vehicles can swiftly climb when the A/C is not on and windows are not open. Tragic accounts of children losing their lives due to being left in vehicles indicate just how serious this problem is. Our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers know that even in case where the climate appears to be moderately cool, car temperatures can rise up to 20 degrees in a matter of minutes.

Although some children are injured or even lose their lives inside motor vehicles due to being left behind by their caregiver, similar heartbreaking events also occur as a result of children lacking necessary supervision and climbing into vehicles left unlocked. Youngsters might not comprehend the mechanics of opening a car door or additionally lack the physical strength needed to escape the vehicle. The child injury attorneys at InjuryTN understand that children typically become overheated much quicker than adults do, with minors under the age of 4 being at the highest risk.

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In the event that your child has been injured or lost their life due to being abandoned in a car or because they were able to gain access to a vehicle and subsequently became trapped, you should contact our Nashville-based child injury lawyers at InjuryTN. An owner of a vehicle, a caretaker, or other third party can be held accountable for the injuries or loss of small children.

When such issues involving car seats and locked vehicles result in your child suffering harm or even death, a free case evaluation with our team of accomplished car seat injury attorneys can provide answers to the difficult questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident as well as what compensation to which you may be entitled.

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