Compensatory Damages

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Compensatory Damages

When a person is injured or killed as the result of fatal harm, that individual is entitled the benefits or damages under Tennessee legislation in order to compensation them for the suffering. These are aptly called “compensatory damages.”

Calculating Compensatory Damages

Both the victim and the party responsible for the injury will have the opportunity to present Tennessee courts with evidence supporting their case. Photographs, witness reports, and other factors will be used to determine who has painted the most accurate portrait of the accident’s circumstance. Whoever has the most evidence, generally speaking, gets the most amount of damages.

Limitations On Compensatory Damages

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In injury cases in which the victims are pursuing damages against the state of Tennessee itself, there are limits as to how much any victims involved can receive. The $300,000 cap for compensatory damages the state of Tennessee can provide a victim is made worse by the fact that it must be split between victims if there are more than one. There are accommodations for families and other such factors, but there are also limitations on those depending on the circumstances.

Tort Reform

Due to recent legislation changes known as tort reform in the state of Tennessee, compensatory damages have changed. They are now categorized as economic damages or noneconomic damages, the latter of which is limited as far as how much award can be granted. Tennessee courts will look at cases individually to determine factors that may be affected by changes made during tort reform. If damages are found to be either economic or noneconomic, this will play a large part in the amount of compensation a victim will receive.

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Insurance companies have the right to recoup bills if settlements or verdicts change the circumstances on any financial aid provided to a victim in an accident causing injury at the hands of another party. This is called subrogation, and primarily it relates to health insurance. Medical bills paid by one’s insurance might be recouped if the victim received settlements later on down the road.

Prejudgment Interest

The state of Tennessee does not provide for prejudgment interest in cases involving personal injury to one victim at the fault of another individual party. Instead, Tennessee legislation includes provisions for an alternative judgment called post-judgment interest. This refers to judgments placed on court orders that are given after a successful case resolution.

Legal Representation And Compensatory Damages

Injuries that are caused at the fault of other persons entitled the victimized individuals to certain benefits that compensate them for any harm incurred as the result of the accident caused by the offending party. In many cases, wrongful death comes into play if a loved one incurs injuries that result in fatal medical conditions, eventually leading to death. Compensatory damages should be collected by any victim in situations such as these, as medical bills and the prospectively lost quality of life for those in such situations typically warrants a fair amount of damages.

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