Structural Collapses

Tennessee Construction Injury Law: Structural Collapses

structural failure and building collapses concept - Missing Tiles in a bathroom wall, close up. An interior renovation, correction project. Incomplete tiled wall before fixing.

Although somewhat rare, structural collapses continue to occur on construction sites throughout the country, causing serious injury and, in some cases, even fatality.

The majority of engineers plan, design, and manage an economically feasible structure which strictly adheres to state and federal regulations, functions in a manner which suits the needs of the owner, and maintains the safety of all occupants beyond its completion.

Nonetheless, the structural integrity of these buildings throughout the course of construction should additionally be a top priority. Not only could the occurrence of structural collapse during construction be incredibly expensive, but it also carries the possibility of becoming fatal for workers on the site.

The construction accident attorneys at InjuryTN have experience dealing with intricate cases involving structural collapses. The majority of these cases also involve multiple liable parties, and although workers may not be allowed to file suit directly against their employer for damages, they do have the option of pursuing third-party suits against contractors, subcontractors, property owners and others involved.

The most common construction injuries caused by structural collapses occur as a result of the following:

  • Defects in construction
  • Substantial loads
  • High winds or severe weather conditions
  • Inadequate design
  • Improperly constructed or designed foundational systems
  • The use of equipment or supplies which do not meet industry standards
  • Problems with materials like concrete or soil
  • Inadequate planning or supervision during demolition

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Building Collapses During Construction

Construction is inherently hazardous work, but all too often, it is found that engineers aren’t contributing as much as they need to be during construction. This could have serious consequences because both contractors and engineers need to work cooperatively to identify any possible dangers that exist on the site throughout the entirety of construction, especially when there are already questions about the site’s structural integrity.

Our experienced construction accident attorneys at InjuryTN have seen countless instances of this very issue both locally and throughout the U.S. The majority of these accidents on construction sites involving structural collapses cause workers to suffer fatal injury, in addition to millions in property damage as well as federal fines.

These sites should not only be thoroughly planned and well-designed, but they also should be routinely monitored and supervised by competent persons. The inability to do so will often result in a much higher possibility that a worker will be injured or even killed.

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