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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Defective Products

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In the United States, consumers and buyers are given access to countless varieties of commercial products. Some of these products are manufactured and distributed from within the continental US, others are produced outside the country’s borders and are imported from different countries like China, Mexico, and Thailand. While this does allow Americans to have the best selection of goods the world has to offer, it also exposes us to products which might be hazardous or even entirely defective.

A prime example of this is the recent news coverage of defective products coming out of China, of which the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission continues to list hundreds of products that were manufactured in and distributed from China, which have been recalled. This reported list contains items which have been associated with causing more than 3,000 deaths in total.

Once businesses prioritize profits over ensuring the safety of their products’ consumers, they need to be held liable for any consumers who have been injured or killed by their negligent practices.

Protect Yourself from Unsafe Product Marketing

At InjuryTN, our Middle Tennessee product liability attorneys are committed to defending the rights of Tennessee consumers from prominent manufacturers who produce and distribute hazardous or otherwise unsafe products. If you or someone you know has been injured due to the defects of a marketed product, our Nashville personal injury and wrongful death lawyers have access to the necessary resources for developing a solid case for the fullest and most equitable compensation available.

The Tennessee product liability attorneys at InjuryTN understand just how serious the high number of product-related fatality reports for adults and children alike are, and feel a significant duty to those families who have lost loved ones due to defective products. Our team of accomplished product liability attorneys is ready remain steadfast by your side to assertively advocate for the best interest of you and your family through such difficult and unprecedented occasions.

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Common Risks and Costs of Defective Products

The USCPSC has confirmed that emergency rooms continue to treat numerous Americans annually for injuries sustained through the utilization of defective products. Our Middle Tennessee personal injury attorneys understand that product categories which have a higher likelihood of being defective include:

  • Sports, outdoor, and other recreational equipment
  • Construction and development materials and equipment
  • Home furniture, light fixtures, and other home appliances

The cost of an emergency room visit can be astronomical and when injuries caused by a defective product end up in the ER, you need serious representation so you don’t end up footing the entire bill. The associates at InjuryTN believe that injuries sustained for using defective products should be compensated for fairly by the manufacturer. Depending on how severe the injury is, medical treatment could be required for numerous years after the mishap occurred.

Our Firm Can Help You Recoup the Restitution You Deserve

Our firm’s Middle Tennessee defective product lawyers know that innocent consumers should have the right to anticipate the utmost in safety precautions when it comes to the products they purchase. However, sometimes this is simply not the case, and it is then that our attorneys are ready to take the steps needed on your behalf to aggressively seek compensation for the lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering that tend to rack up when facing serious injuries caused by defective products.

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