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Tennessee Product Liability Law: Auto Defects

auto defects

As a consumer of commercial goods in the US, one would expect that the products they purchase will meet established standards of safety. Additionally, one should expect that the manufacturer or those responsible for the good’s production to explore all precautions necessary in preventing any risks of harm to consumers prior to its distribution. Sadly, though, such expectations can often prove unsubstantiated, making the consumer become the unknowing victim of a defective product, and the injuries sustained due to product defects in automobiles is often much worse than that of other consumer goods.

In the event that an automobile and its parts are distributed with malfunctioning or faulty components such as tires which deteriorate quickly at high speeds or flawed designs in SUVs which increase the probability of rollover accidents, resulting injuries can often be devastating and even fatal. At InjuryTN, our Nashville personal injury attorneys have years of experience helping individuals and families throughout the Middle Tennessee area who were struggling with a personal injury. If your case is taken, our team will assist you in obtaining fair compensation and, when necessary, take your case to trial.

Most Common Types of Auto Defects

Certain auto defects like tire or steering malfunctions often cause severe accidents, while other may exacerbate the seriousness of an otherwise insignificant incident by rendering safety devices inoperable. Examples of such accidents might involve unlatched seatbelts or faulty airbags. However, no matter what the circumstances are surrounding your case, in the event that a defective part was designed or manufactured negligently and resulted in injury, those responsible for its design or production may be held liable in a product liability claim.

Among the most common of auto defects are the following:

  • Broken or sticking accelerators
  • Breaking steering components which cause complete or partial loss of control over the vehicle
  • Fuel system component issues, especially in susceptible they are to damage from accidents, which often result in leaking fuel and even vehicle fires
  • Cracking or breaking wheels, which often causes loss of control over the vehicle
  • Malfunctioning windshield wiper assemblies
  • Malfunctioning seats or seat backs
  • Faulty wiring systems which can cause lights to fail and even vehicle fires
  • Collapsing car jacks or ramps, which often injure individuals working on cars
  • Faulty airbags which either deploy when they shouldn’t or don’t deploy when they should
  • Child safety seats which have defects in the buckles, safety belts, or other components

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Identifying Causes of Defective Vehicle Accidents

The vast majority of auto defect cases will often begin as run-of-the-mill car accident cases, and, until an accomplished product liability lawyer is employed, victims of these accidents might continue on without knowing the real reason the incident occurred. At InjuryTN, our attorneys will thoroughly evaluate all possible causes of your accident and identify all responsible parties.

In the event of an injury or death which was caused by an auto defect, those responsible for the vehicle’s design and production need to be held liable. Regardless of whether the case involves a defective airbag or a malfunctioning steering system, our Nashville-based product liability attorneys have the dedication and know-how needed to ready an effective case. Call our office at (615) 640-HURT to set up your free and confidential case evaluation with an experienced Tennessee product liability attorney.

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