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Tennessee Product Liability Law: Defective Child Products

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As consumers, when we make a purchase on any product, we expect that product to function as intended and will be safe for their family. Such expectations are particularly significant when purchasing products designed to be used by our children. Sadly, however, numbers totaling greater than 9 million children in the US are sent to the emergency room every year. In fact, every year, emergency rooms have to treat nearly 260,000 children for toy-related injuries. But this is only one group of the many children’s products which have the potential to cause injury due to inferior design, substandard manufacturing processes, and other problems.

Nashville-based child injury lawyers at InjuryTN have seen the astounding outcomes of defective child products. If products are made specifically for use by children, one should be able to expect they won’t have any sort of defects or flaws. We understand that parents will do everything they can in order to provide protection for their children, as no reasonable parent desires to subject their child to a product which could cause them unforeseen harm. Unfortunately, though, we also know that children are injured by defective products on a daily basis throughout the U.S. But when this does happen, Tennessee families can count on InjuryTN to protect their rights and pursue compensation for damages that defective child products have caused.

Dangerous Toys in Product Liability

The experience our attorneys have gained over their years of practice in recovering compensation for children who have been injured because of defective products has imparted in us that a vast, assorted array of goods have the potential to cause serious harm. Our experienced Nashville personal injury and wrongful death lawyers are aware that toys get quite a bit of attention in the media for the serious injuries and even fatalities they have caused. Research conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicates that toy-related fatalities totaled one per month in children 14 years of age or younger, and nearly 50% of these were attributed to riding toys like tricycles.

Warnings from the CPSC have been issued throughout the US signifying an upward trend in injuries caused by toys. The majority of the nearly 600,000 toy-related injuries that required emergency room visits involved serious injuries such as abrasions, contusions, and lacerations.

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Injuries Caused by Defective Child Products

Tennessee child injury attorneys at InjuryTN understand that most injuries caused by toys will inflict harm to the face and head. Such areas may be especially susceptible to severe scarring which can often cause physical, in addition to emotional, problems in young children.

Children’s toys reported by the CPSC to have been a contributing factor to child fatalities under the age of 15 included balloons, toy boxes, riding toys, and stuffed toys. At InjuryTN, although we may have grown significantly, our focus has remained on protecting the rights of Tennessee families. That’s the reason we treat every case with the utmost respect and attention needed to obtain fair compensation.

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