Prescription Drug Errors

Tennessee Product Liability Law: Prescription Drug Errors

Doctor filling out a prescription drug errors

Nowadays, numerous types of medications and pharmaceutical drugs are widely available on the market intended to be used to cure, prevent, and/or treat countless different ailments, illnesses, and diseases. For the most part, medications can be categorized in two primary factions: prescription-only, which require a licensed medical practitioner to prescribe, and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, which are openly available without the need for a doctor’s prescription. The development, marketing, and production of pharmaceutical drugs is a highly competitive and equally profitable multi-billion dollar industry.

For nearly 30 years, our Nashville product liability attorneys at InjuryTN have been successfully representing those injured by products which had proven to be dangerous to consumers. If you have been injured because of a prescription drug error, our staff has the level of experience and skill needed to acquire fair compensation.

Common Pharmaceutical Drug Errors in Tennessee

As one would expect, the primary intent behind the production and prescription of pharmaceutical drugs is to help people rather than injure them. But in the even that a prescription drug error does happen, the result can often be very dangerous, if not deadly. A 2016 study published by the National Institute of Health on the economic impact of medication errors found that around 1.5 million Americans are affected by medication errors annually, costing nearly an astounding $3.5 billion in total. Such pharmaceutical drug errors can occur at any time throughout the entirety of the drug’s manufacture, distribution, and use. However the most commonly occurring mistakes happen when pharmacists are unable to fulfill their duty to consumers by:

  • Dispensing medications in the wrong dosage
  • Dispensing the wrong medication entirely
  • Failing to provide accurate instruction on the correct dosage as well as the correct practice for using it
  • Failing to transpose all necessary information to the appropriate labels when repackaging prescriptions into distributable units
  • Mislabeling a drug with the wrong information
  • Providing a consumer with someone else’s prescription
  • Incorrectly mixing prescriptions with dangerous interactions

The majority of cases will usually involve incorrectly filled medications that can be attributed to unreadable handwriting on the part of the pharmacist. They might also misunderstand the doctor’s handwritten prescription, leading to the patient taking the incorrect drug. Pharmacists may also confuse prescriptions with those having similar names. Although the medical industry and the field of medicine in general are widely accepted as being scholarly and professional, the occurrence of errors is unfortunately unavoidable and often result in the incorrect medications being given and catastrophic injuries being sustained.

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