Delayed Harm and C-Sections

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Delayed Harm And C-Sections

delayed harm and c-sections

A pregnant woman is advised to take particular precautions in the nine-month period leading up to childbirth. Both she and her developing child are susceptible to a number of complications that could put their health at risk, and the dangers increase substantially during the final process of labor and delivery. There are a number of things that go wrong during the physical act of childbirth, and although many of them are unpredictable or naturally occurring, there are several circumstances in which the observing medical parties are responsible for harm that occurs to either a mother or child during the delivery process. Medical malpractice is a very real concern for a number of birth inducing operations, such as C-section deliveries. If something goes wrong during a C-section, or one was not administered at the appropriate moment, then victims might be eligible for compensation.

Purpose Of C-Sections

It is common for mothers to experience a number of difficulties during labor, and many situations call for labor-inducing techniques on behalf of the doctor facilitating the birth. Many women are unable to naturally deliver their children during labor. Some such circumstances are resolved by using instruments such as forceps or vacuum extractors, but doctors often opt for a C-section surgery. These operations involve a physician’s surgically extracting a baby from a mother when complications surface that make natural birth an unfeasible option.

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Situations Resolved With C-Sections

There are a variety of situations in which C-sections are ideal solutions for difficult labors. However, there is no concrete “list” of such situations, and C-section operations are performed entirely based on the discretion of the medical practitioner involved. Common complications during labor and delivery that are often resolved by C-sections include, but are not limited to:

  • Especially long labors, in which the mother is experiencing fatigue.
  • Infection in the mother’s uterus, or other related parts of the body.
  • Distress on behalf of the mother or fetus.
  • Symptoms of placental abruption.
  • Prolapsed umbilical cords, or those that have fallen into a position that puts the baby at risk of oxygen deprivation or strangulation.
  • Babies too big to fit through a woman’s pelvis, also known as “fetopelvic disproportion.”

C-Section Dangers And Doctor Negligence

As with any labor-inducing operation, C-sections come with potential dangers for both mothers and babies. Doctor negligence or that on behalf of a nursing unit that is extremely busy might result in untimely C-sections with increased risks of harm, or in some cases, there might not be enough qualified staff members on hand to perform a C-section. Some healthcare providers might even refuse to provide C-sections for mothers who are unable to cover to costs of the operation with their insurance. There is also the chance that the doctors performing the C-section are inexperienced or distracted, and therefore improperly perform the surgery or make injury-causing mistakes while operating. The use of labor-inducing techniques is a serious consideration for any childbirth, as injuries resulting from associated complications can cause life-altering or fatal conditions such as Erb’s and Cerebral palsies, brain damage, and even stillbirths.

Legal Representation For C-Section Related Injuries

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