Farm Equipment Injuries

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Farm Equipment Injuries

farm equipment injuries

Although it can be one of the most rewarding lifestyles for a great many people in the state of Tennessee, as well as across the United States, farming is one of the most hazardous occupations one can pursue. There are thousands of injuries resulting from accidents involving dangerous farm equipment every year all over the nation. Several of them turn out to be fatal for the victims, and others lead to lifelong impairments that greatly reduce their qualities of life.

Farm Equipment Injuries On The Road

In southern states like Tennessee, drivers are probably used to sharing the road with slow-moving trucks transporting bulky farm equipment. Oftentimes, farm equipment that is moved using public roadways are the cause of vehicular collisions due to its extension into other lanes, or misuse of hazard signals warning other drivers to be cautious when passing. Damage and injuries often occur due to poorly fastened farm equipment, slow moving transporters and fast surrounding vehicles, negligent drivers, or malfunctions on behalf of transport vehicles.

Hay Baler Injuries

Hay balers are one of the heaviest and most dangerous pieces of farm equipment used today, as they are intended to be forceful in their raking and compaction of hay. Victims involved in hay baler injuries often suffer from crushed or mangled body parts that are trapped beneath a hay bale or machine, gruesome detachments or mauled body parts that are stuck within the mechanical operations, and fatalities from rolled-over equipment – especially those already holding a heavy hay bale. Improperly maintained equipment is often the culprit in hay baler related accidents.

Backhoe Injuries

When a farmer needs to do some extensive work on terrain or landscape, a backhoe is a indispensible tool. However, it is also very dangerous due to its being a large and destructive piece of machinery. Falling rubble from the backhoe’s claw or bucket, impacts trapping persons between the equipment and the ground or other obstruction, PTO shaft entanglement, and electrocution are some of the most common types of accidents related to backhoes.

Loader Injuries

Especially capable of causing harm to persons operating its machinery, farm equipment that uses loaders are the culprits of many farm injuries. There are two main types of loaders for tractor equipment used today:

  • Skid-Steer: Contrary to a “front end loader,” skid-steer loaders use arms equipped with forks, augers, and trenchers to propel the ground before them when carving landscapes. Rollovers, crushing, pinning, and run overs are some of the most common accidents on the farm that occur due to skid-steer loader tractors.
  • Front-End: These types of loaders are also called “bucket loaders” and are attached to the front of a tractor. Common injuries include persons pinned or trapped between the front end bucket or claw and another obstacle, roll overs, and mangling due to entanglement in the arm or mechanics of the tractor.

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Rolled Over Tractors

Historically, tractors were not designed with protective equipment that prevents the machine from rolling over. This has been remedied by Tennessee legislation in the past thirty years, but some equipment manufactured at a prior date to the law’s passing is still in use in farms around the nation. Rollovers are the cause of some of the most fatal farm equipment accidents, due to the high likelihood that such an incident results in a person’s being crushed or pinned in a fatal or damaging way.

Power Take-Off Entanglements

Also known as PTO’s, power takeoffs are the culprits of countless farm equipment related accidents in the United States every year. Tennessee law now provides that PTO’s must have proper guards installed over the shafts to prevent injury, but this is still a fairly new piece of legislation that is not recognized by all farmers unanimously due to the use of equipment made prior to the mandate. Entanglement in a PTO shaft can lead to lacerations, scalping, and mangling that ultimately result in life-altering impairments or fatalities. PTO operators should especially exercise proper caution when fragile persons such as children or pregnant mothers are in the immediate area.

Grain Auger Injuries

Used to transport grain from one place to another, augers are one of the most common farm tools in Tennessee and across the nation. These pieces of equipment are, by and large, enormous and burdened with many mechanical components that can lead to injury. Fractures, lacerations, crushed body parts, and entanglements are just a few of the injuries that can be caused by grain augers. Proper safety measures and up-to-date protective guards are required to be employed by all farmers using grain augers.

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