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Regardless of whether you keep a firearm inside your home or not, children and teenagers can still be in danger of serious injury or even fatality from an unintentionally or intentionally discharging firearm. Your child may have friends or acquaintances who own guns. Reports from sources in the US have indicated that there may be firearms in nearly 50% of homes in the US. Unfortunately, the news has also shown us that children continue to bring firearms into schools. Such stories have made it abundantly clear that numerous situations and circumstances are present across the country which indicates that firearm discharge poses a serious threat to children and teens.

In the event that your child has fallen victim to a firearm discharge, they could be severely injured or even suffer fatal injury. At InjuryTN, our experienced personal injury attorneys are known throughout Middle Tennessee for their ability to advocate for families with fervor as well as compassion.

Accidental Firearm Discharge in the US

The Nashville personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at InjuryTN understand that accidental injuries are the top cause of fatality among US children and adults, too. The most recently available figures from the US government tallied 39,740 fatalities in total caused by firearms, adding up to more than 100 deaths every day out of the given year. Further, the Pediatrics journal published findings from an eight-year study which indicated that on average, nearly 3,000 deaths occurred each year in children 18 and younger. Notorious cases involving children and young adults being killed by unintentional firearm discharges unfortunately continue to prove a commonly occurring incident in Middle Tennessee.

According to reports from the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, accidental shootings are most likely to occur in the late afternoon as well as on weekends. Additionally, they found that these types of accidents also take place more often during summer months and the holidays season. This report takes note of the current time in which we live, where many children and young adults are unsupervised for lengthy periods of time. The majority of cases involved children having easy access to firearms which were loaded while being stored.

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If you or someone you know has been injured by an accidental firearm discharge, you need to seek immediate legal assistance to protect your rights and fight for your best interest.

Firearm Accident Injury Statistics

The Tennessee firearm discharge attorneys at InjuryTN know that young boys are much more prone be injured or suffer a fatal injury than girls at the hands of a firearm. Nearly 80% of all fatalities caused by accidental firearm discharge involving children under the age of 14 were boys. Perhaps more disturbingly, the hospital also reported that almost 80% of school-age children in the 1st and 2nd grades knew exactly where guns were located in their households.

At InjuryTN, our gun accident lawyers know that pellet guns, air soft guns, and BB guns can also pose potential threats to US children. We also know just how serious the consequences of using such recreational guns can be, causing loss of eyesight, disfigurement, and other severe injuries which can have lasting long-term effects on children, often requiring ongoing medical attention.

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In the event that your child has been injured or fatally wounded due to the negligence of a gun owner, you might have a right to claim just compensation. The gun accident attorneys at InjuryTN are happy to offer you a free case evaluation to talk about the circumstances of your child’s incident and review your lawful rights and options. If the incident left your child with a serious injury that requires long-term medical treatment, who you choose to represent your best interest will be paramount to the amount of compensation you are able to obtain to cover your child’s needs and make sure they will always have access to treatment.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at InjuryTN are dedicated to assisting families in Middle Tennessee that have been involved in tragic accidental shootings. Contact our firm today and ask for your free initial consultation with a determined and compassionate gun accident lawyer. If you do not have the ability to visit our offices, our attorneys can visit to your home or your child’s hospital room.

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