Golf Cart Related Accidents

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Golf Cart Related Accidents

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Golf carts have come along way since their origins in the actual sport. Nowadays, people in an enormous variety of environments use golf carts as a light means of transportation. Camping areas, gated communities, airport fields, and many other places often use golf carts. For all of the benefits that come with this rather new breed of motor vehicle, there are also negative consequences – golf cart related injuries are, sadly, on the rise. When persons operate or ride in a golf cart, they must acknowledge that there are considerations that actively need to be made. Incidents involving golf carts typically result in a victim receiving compensation for any pain or suffering by the driver at fault.

Modern Golf Cart Capabilities

Golf carts essentially operate as though they were simplistic, smaller automobiles. They are easy to drive, with very few dashboard or fuel requirements. In fact, most golf carts are electric and need very little in the way of fuel consumption. One charge is enough for most modern models to go distances of up to forty miles with speeds as high as twenty-five miles per hour. Golf carts, due to modern capabilities, are emerging in more and more driving environments, so the risk of vehicular accidents is steadily increasing.

Golf Cart Safety Regulations

Persons planning on buying or using a golf cart should acknowledge that regulations are constantly being updated. Seat belts, airbags, and other various safety features are all fairly recent additions to golf cart laws – so it’s important to be aware of any changes so that legislation is not accidentally breached. Furthermore, a golf cart is just like any other motor vehicle in that neglect and distractions are unacceptable qualities in driving behavior. Golf cart drivers are expected by Tennessee legal entities to maintain appropriate driver-like conduct whenever they operate their vehicles.

Injury Statistics

A study conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSA, reported approximately fifteen thousand yearly accidents involving golf carts and injuries. According to the same study, minor children accounted for an enormous forty percent (40%) of all golf cart injuries.

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Children And Golf Cart Accidents

Children are most the most common at-risk passengers, and sometimes drivers, of golf carts. There are still very few golf carts with proper safety restraints installed within the vehicle, such as seatbelts and airbags, so the increasingly high speed capabilities are a huge danger to children riding in open sided vehicles like golf carts. Falls from golf carts are the usual cause of injury for children in these types of accidents, and so proper care should be taken by parents to determine whether a child is mature enough to ride in golf carts, and also that they are supervised or restrained by an adult when the vehicle is in motion.

Fault And Golf Cart Injuries

Depending on the circumstances, fault may or may not arise in a golf cart accident case. Many environments in which such incidents occur are family oriented or private. However, if a golf cart accident occurs during a service, then liability might fall on the driver and the responsible company will owe victims compensatory damages. Product liability is also a consideration. If the golf cart equipment is manufactured defectively, or repaired poorly by a hired professional, then fault may fall on the company that produced the golf cart or the mechanic responsible for the neglect during repair.

Legal Representation For Golf Cart Accidents

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