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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Liability And Liquor

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In the state of Tennessee, business establishments that are legally permitted to sell alcohol to customers, such as country clubs, bars, and certain restaurants, are required to abide by state legislation regarding customer safety. Persons who purchase alcohol from such a business place their safety in the hands of the bartender. Alcohol vendors are expected to keep track of purchases and note any customers who appear especially intoxicated. This is called liquor liability, or casually, “dram shop.”

Underage Drinkers

Accidents and injuries resulted from underage drinking are enormous problems for state and national authorities. Aiding in the solicitation of alcohol to minor youths is against the law. If alcohol venders are proven to have been aware of a minor’s ineligibility to purchase alcoholic beverages, then he or she is guilty of violating Tennessee’s liquor liability legislation and subject to legal consequences.

Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

Persons intoxicated from excessive alcohol consumption are unable to think clearly due to the biological impairment of reasoning and motor skills. This often results in many drivers making the unsafe decision to operate a motor vehicle even though they are incapable of safe navigation. Accidents resulting fro DUIs are extremely common, and account for countless injuries and fatalities every year in the state of Tennessee.

Licensed sellers of alcohol who neglect to stop overly intoxicated individuals from operating a motor vehicle may be held liable for damages if the drunk driver causes an accident during the following period of transit.

Social Hosting

Liability related to the solicitation of alcohol is different than that which is related to alcohol provided and consumed on a private property. The host in such a situation may be liable for any legal drinkers who are injured while intoxication. In cases where parent have allowed minor children to consume alcohol under their supervision at home, parents are definitely liable for any incidents, injuries, or fatalities among the children that occur as a result.

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Intoxication And Violence

One of the most negative effects that alcohol has on certain individuals is the encouragement of violent tendencies. People are often rude, aggressive, and confrontational when they are under the influence of alcohol. Fights that are started by intoxicated persons with no reasonable provocation on behalf of the victim are all too common, and although it may seem unfair, it is just as common for such belligerent individuals to be charged with a lighter sentence than they deserve for violent crimes while drunk if they argue that the party responsible for providing the alcohol resulting in intoxication is at fault. Bartenders and servers at licensed restaurants should be wary of aggressive customers who are consuming alcohol, not just for the safety of those in the establishment, but also as security for potential legal situations.

Legal Representation And Liquor Liability Cases

Contact our offices if you or a loved one has been harmed or injured as a result of an accident involving liquor liability. Compensation is probably entitled to victims in these cases, and alcohol-serving establishments are one party who may be liable to provide compensatory damages. Furthermore, if the drunken offenders can prove that the party who provided the alcohol during the incident did so neglectfully, then he or she might receive lessened charges or benefits.

Our team of attorneys offers the resources, connections, and practical knowledge from experience that is most ideal for assuring success in any type of lawsuit involving liquor liability. Compensation should be granted where it is deserved, and punishments should be administered to persons or businesses responsible for accidents that occur due to neglectful distribution of alcohol, or the unreasonable encouragement of its consumption. Whatever your concerns, don’t wait to take action. One of our skilled lawyers will get to work with you immediately to extensively plan your case and start you on the best path towards the settlement to which you or your loved one is entitled.

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