Medical Neglect and Antibiotic Misuse

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Medical Neglect & Antibiotic Misuse

medical neglect doctor and antibiotic misuse

There is much at stake when a mother is carrying a child, for both her and her future child. A healthy and successful pregnancy, unfortunately, is not always the standard for mothers despite the incredible advances in modern technology. Childbirth is a delicate process, and one seemingly small invasive element can compromise the entire pregnancy and cause injuries to both children and mothers. Some such harm can be fatal. While navigating a mother through the pregnancy process, a doctor is obligated to provide all of the proper examinations and medical screenings in order to assure that both she and her child are healthy and not at risk of becoming unhealthy. One of the most dangerous and hardest to detect risk factors in pregnancy is the transmission of bacterias. When bacterial disease and infections surface in a pregnancy, the dangers are very real – both the mother and her child can be caused varying levels of harm, even that which is life threatening. Legal representation may be necessary if there is fault or medical malpractice involve in childbirth cases involving injuries or fatalities resulting from bacteria that could have been prevented.

Bacteria And Pregnancy

The dangers of bacteria are more fatal for younger humans, especially babies and fetuses. During the nine months of pregnancy, any baby in utero is at the mercy of his or her environment’s condition. If that environment becomes the host for bacteria, then such a child would be certain to be influenced by the infection. Developing babies can have permanent damage as a result of bacterial infections in mothers that are left untreated, so proper screenings should always be provided by doctors to ensure that mothers are free from bacteria. Antibiotics exist which can stop a number of such infections before they reach a critical state, but it is unfortunately not always the case that doctors recognized signs that antibiotics should be administered before the damage has already been done. In some cases, bacterial infections can result in stillborn children.

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Group B Strep Risks

Group B strep is one of the most frequent causes of complications in childbirth for mothers today. A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, reports that a quarter of all pregnant mothers are actual carriers of Group B strep bacteria. For this reason, regular tests are required for pregnant women at various points throughout the process. IV antibiotics exists which are designed especially for this type of bacteria, and mothers who are tested positive during Group B strep screenings should be provided with IV antibiotics whenever their labors start. Pregnant women who are giving premature birth to children are especially at risk for Group B strep, as are those with high fevers while giving birth and those whose water broke early before labor.

Damage to babies caused by Group B strep includes, but is not limited to

  • Seizures;
  • Disabilities with learning;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • Loss of hearing;
  • Brain damage;
  • Loss of vision;
  • Death.

Malpractice And Liability

Doctors who are proven to have not administered the proper screenings for bacteria like Group B strep, or who neglected to provide antibiotics to prevent or treat infections that cause injury or death during a childbirth, are subject to Tennessee’s liability legislation regarding malpractice and childbirth. Mothers deserve compensation on behalf of any medical practitioners at fault, and Tennessee law accommodates parents of children who have suffered losses due to negligence or mistreatment by their designated healthcare provider. Any staff member who also was negligent in their behavior during the pregnancy process in which injury occurred due to improper administration of antibiotics are also liable for certain damages, depending on the case.

Legal Representation And Medicinal Neglect

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