Nursing Home Related Incidents

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Nursing Home Accidents

nursing home incidents

Nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities for elderly individuals are intended to be refuges for treatment and care, where those who are too old to properly maintain themselves and have no family capable of taking care of them can be assured security and a healthy home. When a person is admitted into a nursing home, he or she is guaranteed a variety of rights that come with accepting the care of nursing staff and medical practitioners operating within the facility. In many such institutions, treatment is provided at a regularized standard, and all elderly patients are happy and satisfied with the level of treatment with which they are provided, as well as the amount of involvement expected of them insofar as associating with doctors, nurses, and other patients.

Nursing Home Staff Misconduct

The number one goal of a nursing home or facility that cares for elderly people should reasonably be to ensure safety and comfort for such individuals. However, there are many situations in which patients who are supposed to be provided for by a nursing home or other such institution experience a degree of neglect. Many elderly persons committed to living within a nursing home report performance failure on behalf of the staff, or even their assigned doctors. There are also an unfortunate amount of reported cases of nursing staff intentionally abusing patients.

Injuries and Death in Nursing Homes

If proper consideration is not given to every patient protected under the roof of a nursing home, the poor treatment received by elderly persons can easily lead to their untimely decease. There are several ways that a senior citizen living in a nursing home or care center can experience suffering due to neglect or abuse at the hands of medical employees. Injuries or critical conditions brought on by this type of failure includes, but is not limited to:

  • The festering of infections on an elderly patient’s body as a result of bedsores. Bedsores, or decubitus ulcers, are developed when an individual maintains a seated or laying position for an extended period of time, causing pressured parts of their body that have had prolonged contact with a bed, or other surface, to deteriorate. Bedsores can be extremely painful and debilitating, and will happen to bedridden patients who are regularly unassisted.
  • Dehydration due to a staff’s failure to provide a patient with water or a temperate environment.
  • Malnourishment as a result of inadequate food provisions, or lack of variation in available diet.

Don’t Take Chances on the Life of a Loved One

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Compensation for Suffering

If an elderly individual is under the care and protection of any facility that provides the services of a nursing home, then he or she has rights in the case that their treatment is neglected. If a staff member, or multiple members have mistreated or failed to provide care for a patient, or a patient’s loved ones suspect that neglect or abuse is occurring, then both the senior citizen and his or her family are likely eligible to collect compensation for suffering and loss that results.

Legal Representation for Nursing Home Accidents

Contact our offices if you are a senior citizen living under the care of a nursing home or similar facility, or if you are the loved on of a such an individual, and have concerns regarding the level of treatment that is being or has been provided. Mistreatment of nursing home patients is serious, and those who are party this type of behavior is liable and should be punished to discourage the repetition of similar activities. Furthermore, elderly patients deserve to receive the care and attention that they are entitled to upon entering the facility. Our team of attorneys has the experience, resources, and connections from dealing with cases related to this topic in a variety of circumstances and can provide you with the security that you need when allowing other persons to facilitate primary care for yourself or a loved one.

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