Brachial Plexus, Klumpke’s, and Erb’s Palsies

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Brachial Plexus, Klumpke’s, & Erb’s Palsies

Mothers often experience difficulty during the physical processes of labor and delivery, and in such situations, doctor intervention with birth-inducing techniques is essential. However – it is key that instruments are used appropriately and without negligence on behalf of operating medical practitioners. It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for injuries or fatalities to be inflicted on both mothers and children during the process of operations meant to assist the delivery. Medical malpractice might be involved, but this is a question to be answered on a situation-by-situation basis.

Some of the more notable injuries that can occur to a baby during delivery assisted by doctor intervention are those inflicted upon the nerve cluster that exists in the part of the body that controls hand, arm, and should motions. Such damage can be life-long, and cause permanent impairment that results in extremely decreased quality of life. There are various conditions that can be caused by damage with instruments used by medical practitioners during difficult pregnancies, including total brachial plexus injuries, Erb’s palsy, and Klumpke’s palsy. Each one affects a different branch of nerves, and therefore has different consequences than the other. Sadly, all of them are usually untreatable if not prevented.

Nerve Damage During Childbirth

Nerve damage can result from a variety of factors during labor and delivery, and the doctor is responsible for essentially all of them. Instruments such as forceps and vacuum extractors are often used to induce labor for mothers who are have a difficult pregnancies, or for those in whom medical conditions or complications have surfaced at the last minute. While these are extremely helpful for helping an otherwise potentially dangerous birth become more efficient and safe, they can also be the cause of severe and even fatal harm to a child and a mother.

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Brachial Plexus

This condition refers to complete nerve damage to the area responsible for motion in the shoulder, hands, and arm. In essence, it is a combination of the consequences of both Erb’s and Klumpke’s palsies. Total brachial plexus injuries are extremely serious and can cause a child to live a difficult life of impairment, so it is crucial that instruments are used correctly to prevent accidents causing this condition to occur. If a doctor used forceps or a vacuum extractor to help extract a child from the womb, then brachial plexus injuries might occur if the shoulders are forced back at the same time as the child’s head is pulled in the other direction.

Erb’s Palsy

The nerve bundle responsible for conditions resulting from incidents during delivery can be divided conceptually into two categories based on location in the body: upper and lower nerve damage. Doctors typically refer to the upper nerve injuries as Erb’s palsy.

Klumpke’s Palsy

The opposite of Erb’s palsy is essentially Klumpke’s palsy, as it affects the lower nerves instead of the upper nerves. Both types can be life-long and lead to other fatal conditions for a child injured by an accident causing either Klumpke’s or Erb’s palsy.

Legal Representation And Nerve Damage During Childbirth

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