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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Injuries To The Brain

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The brain is the control center for everything a human body does, so damage to this important organ usually results in severe and often permanent consequences. Treatments are complicated and sometimes impossible, and it is expensive to fund full recovery from a brain injury. Depending the situation, victims of brain damage may be eligible to receive compensation for injuries or suffering derived from an incident causing the injury.

Statistics For Brain Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report almost two million brain injury related cases a year, and over five million people experiencing difficulties due to damage in the brain. There are approximately fifty thousand deaths in the United States every year as a result of brain injuries. The CDC also recognizes young children (ages 0-4), adolescents (ages 15-19), and elderly persons (ages 65+) as demographics most in danger of suffering from brain injuries.

Factors Resulting In Brain Injury

There are a variety of causes contributing to brain damage. Accidents involving fall from some height, vehicle collisions, and guns are the most frequent types of cases involving brain injuries. If a person has sustained minor brain damage, then he or she may demonstrate symptoms including but not limited to disorientation, difficulty remembering, nausea, difficulties with perception, unconsciousness, sleepiness, and abnormal mood shifts. If a person has sustained major brain damage, he or she may demonstrate symptoms including but not limited to losing consciousness from a range of seconds to hours, sleep paralysis, extreme disorientation, aggressiveness, slurring of speech, numbness, and seizures.

Categories Of Brain Injuries

There are several different types of injuries to the brain that can range from minor to life threatening. The scale of consequences is determined by what part of the part has suffered from damage. The following injuries are the most frequently reported examples:

  1. Coup injuries to the underside of the brain due to its impacting a skull from the inside.
  2. Contusions, or bruises, on the brain.
  3. Hypoxic injuries resulting from oxygen deprivation.
  4. Diffuse axonal injuries caused by extreme shifts in rotational forces, often resulting a comatose state.

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Treatment For Brain Injuries

Medical professionals in Tennessee contend that a united approach is most effective when considering brain related injuries. There are numerous institutions and resources available to victims of brain injury as well as their loved ones. Speech therapy, physical therapy, cognitive therapy, occupational therapy, and other such programs are readily available to patients suffering from brain damage. While there are many resources for treatment, there are also several opportunities for victims to receive mental and emotional support that may be necessary.

Brain Injuries And Birth Complications

Pregnancy procedures and deliveries have several risk factors, and many things that can go wrong are fatal for the child or bother. If a doctor does not observe proper guidelines for birth related processes or is negligent in his or her performance, than it’s possible for serious injury to occur. Brain injury can result from timing issues, misuse of equipment, antibiotic problems, and many other causes. It’s crucial that malpractice is discouraged and reported, so that common birthing injuries like cerebral palsy can be prevented.

Child Brain Injuries

It is difficult to detect signs of a brain injury in a child due to the fact that children’s brains undergo constant development until adulthood. Unusual behavior may not be as clear in a brain-damaged child compared to a similarly injured adult. However, it’s important to identify problems as early as possible in order to decrease the risk of long term consequences for a child. Scheduling care for children suffering from brain injuries can be overwhelming and so can paying related medical expenses, so it’s important a parent to receive the full amount of compensation that he or she is entitled to.

Legal Representation for Brain Injuries

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