Burn Injuries

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Burn Injuries

Dressing burned wound

Burns are an extremely painful type of injury regardless of the severity of the wound. Countless people are burned everyday across the nation for any number of reasons, and many incidents involving harm related to burns result in persons having to seek medical treatment for their injuries. Tennessee legislation provides for accommodation to individuals who have suffered from burns if his or her injury qualifies under the legal guidelines. If you have been harmed as the result of a burn, and your case involves external fault or medical costs, then you may need to seek legal representation in order to be properly compensated for the damages you are entitled to.

Types Of Burns

Burns are divided into different categories based on the severity of the pain and the physical toll on a person’s body. The scale maintained by state and federal law refers to burns using a system of chronological “degrees.” There are three degrees of burns.

The least serious of the burn classifications is called a first-degree injury. Harm resulting from a burn classified under the first degree is never more critical than superficial damage to the epidermal, or outside, layer of an individual’s skin. These are the most common types, and examples include slight burns from things like stoves and irons.

Between first and third-degree burns is, of course, the second degree. Burn injuries of the second-degree affect the outer, epidermal layer of skin on an individual, but also the following dermis layer that exists beneath it. Compared to those of the first degree, these burns will noticeably damage a person’s skin and may ooze cause deep scars.

Third-degree burns are the most severe of the burn types. This category affects every layer of skin, and many cases involve persons’ with third-degree burns that have caused damage to tissue beyond the skin. It is possible for an individual to be permanently incapacitated or killed as the result of a third-degree burn.

Causes Of Burn Injuries

There are countless potential causes of burn related accidents and many of them are common in day-to-day life. Some of the most typical sources of injury resulting from burns include are:

  • Heating elements with exposed components;
  • Certain types of dangerous chemicals;
  • Electric appliances with exposed elements;
  • Exposure to concentrated radiation.

The cause of a burn injury will, in many circumstances, determine the severity of the damage and also the extensiveness of the requisite medical treatment.

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Burn Related Expenses

Burns are an extremely particular type of injury and cause damage that is difficult to repair, even with cutting-edge medical technology. Unfortunately, even the most standard of treatments tend to be fairly expensive and require frequent visits to the hospital for structure altering surgeries. If a product malfunction or other persons are at fault in a burn related injury trial, then the relevant outside party will be responsible for compensating the victim for the appropriate amount of damages for pain and suffering.

Burn Injury Statistics In The United States

The American Burn Association conducted an extensive survey in 2007 that recorded approximately four thousand (4,000) deaths resulting from burn injuries on a yearly basis,. Furthermore, a calculated five-hundred -thousand (500,000) individuals are reported to have been given medical care for burn injuries each year, and of these, about forty thousand (40,000) are placed in the hospital. Over half of such persons are admitted into specialized clinics for the severity of their wounds. Statistics show that the situation has hardly changed, and burns remain one of the most frequent causes of incidents leading to death in the state of Tennessee.

Legal Representation For Burn Injury Cases

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