Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Poisoning From Carbon Monoxide

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One of the most dangerous chemicals is carbon monoxide because it is completely undetectable by human senses. It exists in gaseous forms that can be emitted into confined areas containing people by seemingly innocent source, such as a car with leaky mechanisms. If a person breathes in too much carbon monoxide without seeking medical attention, or succumbs to its effects and loses consciousness in the poisonous space before realizing that he or she is in danger, then such situations are almost guaranteed to be fatal.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offer tactics for avoiding circumstances leading to poisoning from carbon monoxide. These are publicly accessible and include, but are not limited to the following suggestions:

  • Don’t burn chemicals inside an enclosed space.
  • Have all potentially carbon monoxide-producing machines and appliances looked at regularly by a professional.
  • Don’t run your car in the garage.
  • Other CDC approved strategies available in further reading.

Symptoms Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A person can be injured or killed from carbon monoxide inhalation. When the chemical is inhaled, human bodies are unable to take in oxygen correctly and are eventually shut down from either brain injury or failure in the heart. Disorientation, nausea, and weakness are three of the most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Treating Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The first thing that should be done as soon as carbon monoxide is suspected in the air is for any persons involved to remove themselves from the space believed to contain carbon monoxide and seek clean air far away. A person suffering from this condition should always move to a place with fresh air to breath before trying to contact an ambulance. Poisoned persons hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning are administered assessments and treatments that facilitate proper breath flow and blood circulation. In severe cases, extensive therapy may be required.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorneys

Our experienced personal injury lawyers know exactly what it takes to win a carbon monoxide poisoning personal injury case. Contact our office and let our personal injury experts help you!

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and RVs

Recreational Vehicles, commonly known as RVs, should be given proper safety precautions in order to detect carbon monoxide levels before they get dangerous. It is important to be aware of the possibility of poisoning within RVs because of the high chance of persons using the vehicle as sleeping quarters during travel. RV companies are required to provide documentation prior to sale of a vehicle in order to ensure that prospective drivers are aware of the risks.

Product Recalls Related To Carbon Monoxide

If a motor vehicle or other product capable of producing carbon monoxide does so due to a manufacturing defect, then the victim of harm caused by such a malfunction will be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. If death occurs, then dependents will receive benefits instead.

Carbon Monoxide And Boat Safety

It is possible to suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning by accidentally inhaling air tainted by fumes emitted from a boat’s motor. Care should be taken not to stay near a motor emitting fumes for longer than a few seconds, and that any complaints of pain qualifying as a symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning aboard a vessel are given consideration. Children, in particular, should be supervised and watched for signs of poisoning whenever applicable.

Legal Representation For Carbon Monoxide Incidents

Studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, report over fifteen thousand injuries related to carbon monoxide poisoning each year. Of this demographic, approximately five hundred such incidents are fatal. Contact our offices if you or a loved one has suffered pain and suffering due to carbon monoxide poisoning and believe another party to be at fault for the accident. For situations suspected to be wrongful death, legal action should certainly be pursued by dependents of the descendants. Carbon monoxide poisoning has damaging and often fatal consequences, so it’s important for responsible parties in such cases to be appropriately reprimanded and for injured victims to receive compensation for any losses. Our team of attorneys offers the experience, resources, and connections ideal for ensuring the best possible outcome in carbon monoxide poisoning cases in which some party is liable for damages. Don’t wait – set up an initial consultation, and one of our skilled lawyers will get to work investigating your case and gathering all of the evidence you need to obtain a satisfactory settlement.

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