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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Injuries To The Eyes

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Vision impairment or blindness resulting from eye related injuries could be devastating, and cause an enormous decrease in an individual’s quality of life. Eyesight is necessary for countless normal activities, including reading and driving, and losing the ability to engage in these can severely limit a person’s opportunities in a wide variety of circumstances. Depending on the situation, victims of eye injuries might be eligible to receive compensation for parties at fault for the incident, so it’s important to be aware of Tennessee’s legislation for legal cases involving eye related injuries.

Eye Loss

While it might be limiting to suffer from the loss of eyesight, it can also be emotionally crippling if the victim has physically lost his or her eyeball. Severe accidents sometimes cause this to happen, and there are many cases in which eyes must be removed due to intensity of the wound. Even with modern technology’s steady improvement in the field of eye implants, emotional damage and insecurities are extremely common among victims of eye loss. There can be many costs involved in such a situation, so it’s important to know if any compensatory damages are relevant.

Lens Dislocation

If a severe accident occurs, the lens part of an eyeball can be dislocated if ligaments holding it in place are also dislocated. Disorientation and difficulties with vision can result and such consequences are currently untreatable. Surgeries might be required for some patients with a dislocated lens. This condition limits a person’s ability to drive and live a full like, so if external factors caused the incident, compensation could be provided.

Chemical Burns On Eye

Depending on chemicals involved, how long they were in contact with the eye, and the immediate care administered, this type of burn can cause minor to severe damage. Some conditions are permanent and leave the victim incapable of living a functional life. Since many chemical burn cases are reported to have occurred in a work environment, compensation from an employer or other party is often possible.

Detached Retinas

Retinal detachment occurs when a serious accident, such as a vehicular collision, causes an eye’s retina to be separated from its blood vessels. If care is not administered soon enough and proper surgeries are not performed, this injury can lead to permanent blindness. If the situation calls for damages to be filed, then the victim of an incident resulting in a retinal detachment injury is entitled to compensation.

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Medication Resulting In Injury

Medical malpractice is, sadly, one of the more common causes of several debilitating medical conditions due to negligence on behalf of healthcare providers administering aid to a patient. In cases related to eye injuries, it’s not uncommon for doctors to prescribe medication or antibiotics that cause further damage. Some medications for conditions unrelated to the eyes can even instigate severe eye injuries. In these situations, it’s crucial that neglect is penalized and the victim of the harm caused by improper medications files proper damages.

Orbital Fractures Of Eyes

The holes in the skull that hold eyeballs, commonly referred to as eye sockets, are known as “orbits” in the medical field. In both severe and minor traumatic accidents, damage can be inflicted on a victim’s orbital sockets leading to fracture and vision problems. These types of injuries can disfigure a person’s face and have permanent impairing consequences. In some cases surgery is necessary.

Avulsions Of Optic Nerves

An unfortunate and, as of now, permanent eye injury caused in many traffic related accidents and other incidents involving impact is optic nerve avulsion. This occurs when nerves connected to the eye are forcefully separate from the eyeball. Victims of this condition are impaired due to loss of vision in the damaged eye, as well as consequential sensitivity in the surviving eye. Since this is such a serious injury, cases involving fault can lead to enormous benefits for the injured person.

Legal Representation And Eye Injuries

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