Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Preeclampsia

pregnancy and preeclampsia

There are many risks associated with pregnancy for both mothers and their babies, and one of the most dangerous complications that can occur is preeclampsia. This condition is marked by a variety of standard and easy to recognize symptoms and happens very late in the pregnancy process, in some cases materializing only after the delivery has been completed. It’s important for proper prevention methods to be exercised, and for doctors to be fully aware of a patient’s health throughout a pregnancy in order to ensure that preeclampsia does not cause problems. Consequences of preeclampsia that is allowed to exist untreated can be devastating, and liability concerns are very real for doctors who are expected to prevent and treat any dangerous medical conditions that threaten the safety of a mother or baby during the nine months of childbearing and the event of birth.

Symptoms Of Preeclampsia

There are two types of preeclampsia that can manifest within mothers due to give birth: preeclampsia, which occurs before the actual delivery of a child, and postpartum preeclampsia that affects the mother or child after the fact. Patients who are suffering from either category of the condition will exhibit the same symptoms and doctors are required to maintain constant vigilance in their observations and examinations so that possible signs of preeclampsia are addressed as soon as they arise. Class symptoms of preeclampsia include, but are not limited to:

  • Unexpected or sudden increases in a mother’s weight during or directly after childbirth.
  • Sensations of nausea, or unexplained vomiting from a pregnant woman.
  • Increases in blood pressure, or just high blood pressure in pregnant women.
  • Disorientation, dizziness, or confusion for a mother during pregnancy.
  • Headaches or migraine-like pain.
  • Noticeable swelling around a mother’s eyes, hands, or face.
  • Blurred vision, or difficulty seeing in general during or directly after pregnancy.
  • Low levels of urine output on behalf of a mother.
  • Pain or discomfort in a mother’s upper abdominal region, usually limited to the area just beneath the rib cage.

While these are some of the most frequently reported symptoms of preeclampsia conditions, any odd pains or sensations experienced by pregnant women or women who have just gone through labor should be addressed as soon as possible. Many mothers suffer undue pain due to failure to recognize the severity of their conditions while the symptoms seemed minor, so there is no concern that is too small for doctors to consider when dealing with patients who are new mothers.

Dangers Of Preeclampsia

There are very real dangers for both mothers and children when preeclampsia is involved in a pregnancy. Mothers could suffer from symptoms of HELLP syndrome, pulmonary edema, strokes, thromboembolism, and damage to vital organs such as the liver, brain, and kidneys. Children in such situations are in danger of premature birth, respiratory issues that can be lifelong, unhealthily low weights at birth, HELLP syndrome, abruption of placentas, and seizures. Both mothers and their children in preeclampsia cases are at risk of death.

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Individuals At Risk For Preeclampsia

Although all potential mothers should be aware with concerns that can lead to preeclampsia, there are individuals who have a higher chance of contracting the condition than others. Pregnant patients who fall under any of the following types should be especially aware of preeclampsia threats:

  • Overweight mothers, particularly those qualifying as obese.
  • Older women over the age of forty, or younger women under the age of 20.
  • Mothers with pre-existing conditions such as arthritis, lupus, high blood pressure, diseases of the kidneys, migraines, and various types of diabetes including gestational.
  • Mothers who are giving birth to more than one child at once.
  • First-time mothers.

Neglect And Liability

Although preeclampsia is a medical condition that occurs naturally, doctors or hospital staff might be liable for injuries or deaths occurring due to preeclampsia if they did not provide medical care at the appropriate standard. If medical practitioners were negligent or inattentive in their facilitation of a pregnancy, labor, or delivery, then it’s very possible that their misconduct was the cause of biological circumstances leading to preeclampsia in the mother. Doctors who failed to recognize symptoms or administer proper screening and examinations for preventing preeclampsia are also at fault if such a situation arises.

Legal Representation For Preeclampsia Cases

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