Spine Injuries

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Spine Damage

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One of the most impairing and consequence-ridden damages that can happen to the human body is harm to the spine. The spinal cord is the heart of the nervous system, and any injury incurred to it typically results in lifelong incapacitations. Victims of spine injuries usually require vast medical attentions, and take great pains to readjust to life under the conditions enforced by the inhibiting spinal damage. For those who are suffering from harm to the spine as the result of another person’s fault, damages are likely due to be paid, and it’s important to know the legal processes for pursuing compensation for spinal injuries caused by other parties.

Categories Of Spinal Injuries

There are two types of spine injuries, incomplete and complete. Incomplete spinal injuries are those for which the damage allows for the preservation of some perception and motor function in the damaged area, whereas complete spinal injuries result in all perception senses and motor skills being lost in the damaged part of the body.

Risks Related to Spine Injuries

There are various types of individuals who are more at risk than others for acquiring a spinal injury at some point in their lives. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Persons between the ages of sixteen and thirty (16-30).
  • Persons whose sex is “male.”
  • Persons who regularly engage in reckless behavior.
  • Persons who have pre-existing medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or other bone diseases.

Compensation For Spine Injuries

Although modern medicine has advanced a lot in the past few years, complete cures for spinal injuries are still not in the picture. Victims of spinal injury cases at the fault of another person can thus be entitled to compensation for prospective medical costs, pre-existing medical costs, home renovations for impairment accommodations, consortium losses, punitive damages, in-home aid expenses, distress damages for suffering and pain, prospective and historic earning losses.

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Treatment And Expenses For Spine Injuries

Since there are no known complete cures for most spinal injuries, rehabilitation and other medical expenses are probably going to be paid for by a victim for his or her entire life. The costs can get extremely expensive. In-home assistance, surgeries, accommodations to living quarters, hospitalizations, wheelchairs, ambulances, therapists, nurses, dieticians, psychiatrists, prescriptions, and many other fees will likely be added to the original costs of the accident when it occurred. Treatments for spinal injuries can launch many victims into financial distress.

Causes Of Spine Injuries

  • Workplace Incidents: All jobs run the risk of injury to the spine, especially those involving equipment or driving. Construction workers are especially prone to accidents causing spinal injuries.
  • Violent Attacks: Gunshots, knife wounds, and other such physically violent assaults are often the cause of spine related injuries.
  • Malpractice: Negligence, intoxicated facilitation of a treatment, inattentiveness, and mistakes are all qualified as medical malpractice. All of these can lead to spinal injuries at the hands of a doctor.
  • Vehicular Incidents: Automobile accidents can occur for any number of reasons, and often are fatal due to the high speeds and masses of the vehicles involved. Spine injuries are just one of the many serious fatalities for which motor vehicle collisions are responsible.
  • Product Malfunction: Defective car parts, scaffolding or adders, and safety equipment are often the causes of damage to crucial parts of the body like the spine. When such products do not work properly due to manufacturer’s error, the victim is entitled to compensation from the creator of the material.

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