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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Professional Malpractice

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When the majority of people hear the term malpractice, they promptly imagine doctors and the stories we hear in the news about the issues that come about when physicians as well as hospitals underperform or even make serious mistakes. However, malpractice can actually apply to the negligence or misconduct on behalf of any professional whose actions result in injury or damage. This means that accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, and other professionals could be held accountable in the event that they are unable to perform their job to their respective established standards.

Have you suffered at the hands of a physician, lawyer, or other professional who failed to meet industry conduct and performance standards? The accomplished professional malpractice attorneys at InjuryTN will be able to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case and determine your lawful rights as well as what your best options are moving forward. Our team of personal injury lawyers are committed to handling every case we take with the utmost professionalism as well as compassion when staying up-to-date with Tennessee law and its different functions.

Professional Malpractice Cases

At InjuryTN, we know just how disheartening it is to discover that a trusted physician or other professional may fail in delivering their best possible performance when it matters most. However, in recent years, up to 50% of all medical malpractice claims involve problems like misdiagnoses, delays in diagnosis of medical conditions, and failure to diagnose conditions.

Information provided by the American Medical Association indicates that over 225,000 individuals die every year due to some form of professional malpractice. Hand in hand with diagnosis-related problems, prescription errors, and surgical mishaps, among other issues which often end in a fatality or a severe injury. If you feel like the care provided by your physician, medical specialist, or healthcare provider resulted in injury or harm to you or someone you love, call the experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyers at InjuryTN to start building your case.

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If you believe that you have been the victim of a professional’s misconduct or subpar performance. then you need to get immediate legal assistance you know you can count on. InjuryTN has provided the residence of Middle Tennessee with the best legal representation in professional malpractice cases for more than 25 years.

Our firm is proud to provide every prospective client with a free initial consultation so we can evaluate your case and determine how we’ll be able to help you. When our attorneys believe our firm will be able to adequately assist you in your professional malpractice case, we devote time, effort, and resources necessary to win our cases. A fee will not be charged to you until we win your case. If you have sustained a serious injury and are not able to visit our office, we will come to meet you in your hospital room or home.

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