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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Scooter Accidents

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Due to the recent influx of motorized scooters in the Nashville area, the number of scooter-related accidents has gone up as their popularity soars. Falling somewhere among the categorizations of bicycles, motorcycles, and mopeds, the term scooter is used to refer to a variety of consumer products. But for the purposes of this article, our focus will be on the motor scooters which have engines and can travel up to 30mph on the open road.

Dangers of Scooter Accidents

At InjuryTN, our Nashville scooter accident lawyers are dedicated to assisting individuals who have experienced serious injuries. Even though the majority of riders presume that scooters are more safe due to their lower speed capabilities, this low speed does not necessarily imply that there is less risk involved. On the contrary, traffic deaths involving speeding are more likely to take place on a road that has a speed limit less than 30mph rather than on roads with speed limits exceeding 50mph.

Moreover, due to scooters’ smaller size, riders of motorized scooters could be placed at an even higher risk of danger than motorcyclists just because they are not as visible to drivers. Riders can easily become lost in the blind spots of surrounding drivers and are particularly more susceptible while shifting lanes, driving through intersections, and weaving through parking lots.

Types of Small Motorized Vehicles

According to the Tennessee Highway Safety Office, motorized scooters which do not have seats or saddles do not need to be registered in Tennessee. Such vehicles are commonly ridden by children and are powered by electricity, and have the potential to pose serious dangers in their own right.

Motor scooters, however, do have seats or saddles and are required to be both titled and registered with the state of Tennessee to legally be able to operate on public roads. These vehicles will have a seat for the driver, run on two wheels, and carry an internal combustion engine.

Meanwhile, mopeds will need to be registered, but do not require a title, and can legally be driven on public roads. Mopeds are vehicles which have seat for the operator, pedals which enable the operator to propel the vehicle forward, two or three wheels, a motor, a maximum speed of 30mph, and automatic gears. Drivers of mopeds need to be at least 16 years of age in order to drive on roadways and cannot be driven on foot or bike paths.

In Tennessee and throughout the United States, it is mandatory for operators of any motor vehicle which is powered by gasoline to have a valid driver’s license.

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Scooter & Moped Accidents in Middle Tennessee

Since the recent rise in popularity of riding scooters and mopeds in Tennessee, the amount of reported collisions and injuries caused by these vehicles has also increased. Recent studies have been able to identify factors that pose high levels of risk between serious and non-serious injuries and crashes related to mopeds and scooters. Some of these risks include:

  • Exceeding the speed limit or driving the vehicle faster than 20mph;
  • Driving on a public road that has 4 or more lanes;
  • Poor or inadequate lighting conditions;
  • Severe weather conditions

However, the majority of traffic infrastructure in Tennessee does not take into consideration the safety of those driving mopeds or scooters. This is troublesome for Tennessee natives as well as tourists considering the recent rise in popularity of these vehicles.

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Despite insurance agencies not requiring individuals to insure their scooters or mopeds, personal injury protection insurance is always advisable. Additionally, Tennessee insurers also offer bodily injury liability for those who suffer injury as passengers of a vehicle. In the event that you have been injured in a scooter accident in Nashville, our accomplished scooter accident and personal injury lawyers can assist you in recouping compensation.

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