Skull Fractures and Childbirth

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Skull Fractures And Childbirth

skull fractures and childbirth pregnant mother

Pregnancy is a delicate process with many potential complications for the health of both mothers and babies. Some of the issues that can occur are entirely natural and unpredictable circumstances that could never have been prevented, or from pre-existing conditions that developed into or initiated a pregnancy-related problem. However, some of the most serious risks during childbirth is mistakes, misdiagnosis, or neglect on behalf of the doctor facilitating labor and delivery.

Skull fractures are one such injury that can occur as the result of a doctor’s negligence while assisting labor. Although it is not the most common of all injuries that occur in pregnancies on a regular basis in the United States, it is certainly one of the most dangerous. In cases where the doctor or medical staff is at fault for harm to a mother or child during the childbirth, such responsible parties are liable to pay damages and suffer penalties under federal and Tennessee state medical malpractice legislation.

Causes Of Skull Fractures During Childbirth

The most common causes of skull fractures in infants during the delivery process are the instruments used to assist labor. While the tools themselves are not dangerous on their own and can serve a very useful intended purpose if used correctly, it is more than possible for an inexperienced or inattentive doctor to cause damage to both mother and child while using labor-inducing instruments. Forceps and vacuum extractors are two of the most common culprits of skull fractures in infants. These tools are applied to the heads of babies who are difficult to extract from a mother, and the fragile, formative nature of their bodies in general means that it is not difficult for a simple slip of the forceps or extractor to cause damage.

Symptoms Of Skull Fractures

It is not uncommon for skull fractures to occur without the doctor noticing, so it is crucial for parents to be aware of the signs indicating that a newborn baby is suffering from a skull fracture. As soon as the following symptoms are identified in infants recently delivered, immediate medical attention should be administered in order to stop further injury and prevent the child’s adopting permanent disabilities, or dying:

  • Lumps in the cranial region;
  • Blood or other bodily fluids leaking from facial orifices (i.e. eyes, ears, and nose);
  • Suspicious movements or seizures;
  • Bruised eyes or ears;
  • Deformation or indentions in the baby’s head.

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Dangers Of Skull Fractures

The most significant danger in skull fractures for infants is brain damage that can lead to either permanent disability or death. Typically, labor-inducing instruments used unprofessionally impact an infant’s head in some way causing a skull fracture, which then leads to bleeding in the child’s brain, or intracranial hemorrhaging. Heavy pressure from this condition causes fatal damage to infants because of their developing, delicate brains.

Liability And Malpractice

Since these rare cases in which a child is injured with a skull fracture during childbirth are caused by fault on behalf of the doctor in essentially all situations, victims are certainly liable to receive compensation from the offending healthcare provident or medical staff responsible under federal and Tennessee state legislation regarding medical practice. Doctors who are negligent, distracted, inattentive, unqualified or inexperienced, and in some cases those who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, deserve to be reprimanded and pay damages to patients suffering losses as a result of their failures as physicians.

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Contact our offices if you or a loved one has a child who has been injured by improper use of labor-inducing instruments and received a skull fracture, especially if the infant in question passed away as a result of his or her condition. Medical malpractice legislation guarantees victims in such situations compensation from responsible parties for their incredible losses and emotional devastation. Our team of attorneys has the experience, resources, and connections best suited to ensure the most satisfactory settlement for victims in a wide range of cases related to skull fracture injuries during childbirth. Don’t wait- secure your damages, and set up an initial consultation with one of our skilled lawyers as soon as possible!

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