Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Stillbirths

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One of the most emotionally devastating things that can happen during a pregnancy is the delivery concluding with a stillbirth. For the mother, this is likely one of the worst possible nightmares imaginable, and for the child, it is an unfair veto of his or her chance at life. There are many factors that can lead to a baby’s being stillborn and many of them are unavoidable natural consequences due to conditions beyond the mother or doctor’s control. However, there are some cases in which stillbirths occur when they could have been prevented, and in such situations there are definite grounds for lawsuit on behalf of the mother or relevant loved ones.

Causes Of Stillbirths

Parents of a stillborn child, particularly the mother, are certain to investigate the factors that lead to the incident. It’s important to know what complications are precisely responsible for the final condition of the child, and if there is anyone at fault for the loss of the child’s life. Some of the most common causes of stillbirths include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Inattention or neglectful performance on behalf of the medical practitioner, leading to mistakes or misdiagnosis during the process of facilitating the labor and delivering the baby.
  • Fetal death due to the umbilical cord’s being wrapped around vital areas like the neck, resulting in strangulation or prolapse.
  • Improperly performed C-section surgeries, or C-sections that are given later than was appropriately safe.
  • Medical staff and practitioners who mistreat or are inattentive with mothers during the childbirth process.
  • Misdiagnosed or unrecognized distress from the fetus on behalf of a medical practitioner prior to the death causing a stillbirth.
  • Unforeseen conditions in the placenta that increase the risk of danger to a fetus.
  • Infections in the lining of a pregnant mother’s uterus that is left without care, improperly treated, or never recognized by the responsible doctor.

Other Causes of Stillbirths

There are a variety of other medical conditions that can impact a pregnancy and cause complications in childbirth, some of these resulting in stillbirth. It’s important for expectant mother’s to be extremely health-conscious throughout the process of the pregnancy, and to never engage in behavior that could put the safety of their potential children at risk of harm before delivery. In the time leading up to labor and delivery, a mother should frequently be in touch with a medical practitioner who can administer regular examinations and provide her with all of the necessary information and care in order to assure that all appropriate precautions are observed. The more pains taken to avoid complications in pregnancy including stillbirth, the more likely a mother is to give birth to a healthy child.

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Liability And Stillbirths

Many of the common causes of stillbirths today are the result of medical malpractice. Doctors might make mistakes resulting in a stillborn child for a number of reasons, but in most cases they are held responsible for any action performed during the childbirth process that endangered a fetus and likely lead to the unfortunate condition. Parents who suspect that their stillborn child could have been saved if proper medical care had been administered, then they are entitled to take legal action in order to assure that they are compensated for their loss and that parties who are at fault are properly reprimanded.

Compensation For Stillbirths

When a parent pursues legal damages for medical malpractice resulting in a stillbirth, he or she could potentially receive substantial compensation to cover the losses incurred. First, however, fault must be proved. Any evidence of liability in medical records or documentation should be provided in order to assure that the accurate and complete amount of damages are awarded.

Legal Representation For Stillbirth Cases

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