Blind Spots

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Blind Spots

Rear view mirror and blind spot mirror on a cargo truck

Though every car has blind spots, 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks have much larger blind spots, which can create more opportunities for accidents to occur. The aftermath of accidents involving semi-trucks can have disastrous effects on the victim and their family. Often, trucking accidents involve out-of-state trucking companies, which can impact the legal steps needed to pursue a satisfactory outcome. In such cases, it is important for the victim to hire experienced personal injury attorneys who know the difficulties and complexities that come with serious accidents.

The risks involved with blind spot accidents have been determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a recently published study. The study states that the hindered line of vision, or blind spot, is notably larger than those of passenger vehicles. These risks, in addition to the fact that truck drivers are seated 8.2 feet higher on average than passenger vehicle drivers, increase the chances of a truck collision. This height difference contributes to a greater number of blind spots.

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Blindspot Guidelines for Roadway Safety

Since the mid-90’s, the FMCSA has continually concerted an educational campaign focusing on the dangers of blinds spots. The following guidelines may help prevent collisions with semi-trucks:

  • If a truck driver’s face is not visible through the side-view mirror, assume the truck driver cannot see you.
  • Unlike passenger vehicles, trucks do not have center rear-view mirrors, which means that the field of view behind the truck is extremely limited. So, drivers should avoid following too closely behind trucks.
  • Due to the lengthy stopping distance and blind spots directly to the front of commercial trucks, drivers should try to avoid pulling straight in front of them unless the entirety if the truck is visible from your rear-view mirror.
  • On city roadways, drivers should avoid passing trucks on the right side because of the wide distance necessary for trucks to turn right.

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