Vacuum Extractors and Childbirth

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Vacuum Extractors And Childbirth

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Vacuum extractors are tools used by physicians facilitating the delivery of a child in situations that require external encouragement to remove the baby safely. These medical devices are popular among doctors today, and approximately 1 out of 10 childbirths are aided by vacuum extractors to complete the delivery. However, as with any tool, there is a chance of human error in its use, and the sad reality is that there are reported cases each year of babies and mothers injured by improper use of vacuum extraction instruments.

Purpose Of Vacuum Extractors

Like forceps, vacuum delivery tools are “back-up” instruments to be used only when labor is not proceeding satisfactorily, or other complications have arisen that call for physician intervention. Generally speaking, these instruments use suction technology to safely attach to a baby’s head and guide him or her from the womb. It requires experience, training, and precision to successfully use instruments like vacuum extractors. Newborn children are extremely delicate, and so doctors are cautious when proceeding with techniques that physically strain the body of a baby who is already impeded during delivery.

Using Vacuum Extractors Appropriately

A physician should never use vacuum extraction instruments as a priority measure during childbirth. Before use of such tools is an appropriate option, it must be demonstrated that natural birth is not possible or the mother is too exhausted to complete delivery. In either case, extensively drawn out labors are the main indicator that tools or surgeries should be considered.

Dangers Of Using Vacuum Extractors

Any tool or external assistance method performed in order to induce or complete labor has the potential to cause damage to both the child and the mother. Many injuries resulting from misuse of vacuum methods are not life threatening, but some result in permanent disfigurement or disability, and still more are fatal. The suction devices implemented essentially connect to the brain, so one of the most common forms of damage is brain trauma, and on that same note, harm to the nervous system as in general. Mothers can potentially be injured in the pelvic region by improperly performed vacuum procedures, and it is also sometimes possible for fractures or lacerations to occur as a result.

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Liability And Vacuum Extractor Injuries

Injuries and fatalities caused by vacuum extraction techniques are certainly grounds for victims to file lawsuits against the medical practitioner involved for the harmful treatment. The decision to implement the process of extracting a child using a vacuum instrument belongs to the doctor overseeing the delivery, so he or she is responsible for the consequences of the choice to do so.

Negligence or procedural errors on behalf of the doctor at fault for a vacuum extractor accident almost always qualify as medical malpractice regardless of justification explaining the circumstances surrounding the injury. Patients are entitled to compensation from doctors under Tennessee malpractice legislation. Doctors who cause injuries with vacuum extractors may also be liable for further damages if the accident is left untreated or improperly treated due to misdiagnosis or neglect.

Legal Representation For Childbirth Injuries

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