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Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Water Craft Related Accidents

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One of the most popular aspects of the natural layout of Tennessee is its expansive system of rivers, lakes, and ponds. The plentiful waterways allow for countless recreational activities, and every summer there are numerous varieties of boats and water crafts used on a daily basis. One might not consider traffic in a lake or river, but it is possible, and actually extremely common any many parts of Tennessee. Personal water crafts are one of the most popular vehicles, and jet skis are usually present on most populated waters. While these are extremely entertaining machines, they are also dangerous risks when proper safety precautions and water traffic regulations are not observed by personal watercraft drivers.

Jet Ski And Watercraft Accident Statistics

A study conducted by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, or TWRA, in 2010 reported over twenty incidents involving jet skis. Almost all of these accidents resulted in one or more persons sustaining injuries. Jet skis and other similar water crafts are still on the rise in terms of popularity, so the risks of causing an accident will only increase. The more jet skis on the water, the more jet ski accidents there will necessarily be.

Pursuing Injury Lawsuits For Watercraft Incidents

Victims of accidents involved jet skis who have incurred harm are potentially entitled to compensation for any injuries.

The first step after seeking any necessary medical care from incidents on Tennessee waterways is to contact the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency to accurately document the circumstances as close to their occurrence as possible.

Victims should also request contact information from all involved persons and witnesses, as well as testimonies from such individuals. Any photos or data captured with a mobile device is admissible as evidence in watercraft accident cases, so taking pictures and asking witnesses for photos is also an important step. It is particularly crucial that photographs are documented that clearly shows the state of all involved persons and individuals at the time of the accident. Furthermore, water crafts should remained untouched from whatever state of disrepair the event has left them in until the case is resolved.

Once care is administered, evidence is considered, and the TWRA is notified, victims should naturally contact their insurance companies and attorneys.

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Dangers Of Operating Personal Water Crafts

Although one might not consider jet skis and other personal watercrafts to be dangerous – after all, children of a certain age are even allowed to drive them (after certification) – accidents should be taken seriously by anyone who climbs aboard such a vehicle. Jet skis move at extremely high speeds. Even obstacles that seem out of the way can cause problems if a driver is distracted or inexperienced. Collisions can easily result in broken bones, nerve system and brain damage, and even death-inducing fatalities like drowning. Young watercraft drivers are especially at risk when operating a vehicle, since they are far more likely to have less-substantial constitutions than grown adults.

Fault And Watercraft Accidents

Injuries from collisions with water crafts can result in expensive medical bills that a victim does not deserve to pay, or cannot afford. This is why it is so crucial to gather evidence in proving the circumstances as soon as possible after an accident. The more proof that the incident happened the way a defendant seeking damages claims that it happened; the more like that individual is to wind up with a comfortable settlement. If a driver was neglectful in his operation of a watercraft, under the influence of alcohol, or engaging in reckless behavior, then victims injured by his or her actions are definitely entitled to compensatory damages.

Legal Representation for Water Craft Injuries

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