Water Park Accidents

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Water Park Accidents

waterpark injuries

One of the most popular attractions available to those in the United States is the water park. An extremely popular type of “fun based” recreation, much like an amusement park, there are thousands located in states across the nation. Even though these places can be the source of a tremendous amount of fun for both adults and children, there are also risks related to potential injuries. Accidents do happen, and the thrill of a water ride can quickly become the fear of hurting oneself if a mistake occurs. In cases involving injuries as a result of water park related accidents, the victim of such an incident is likely entitled to some sort of compensation for pain or suffering that occurred as the result of negligence or improperly maintained water park facilities.

Wave Pool Injuries

Many water parks are equipped with “wave pools,” which are exactly what they sound like: swimming pools with technology that produces waves up to six feet tall in order to replicate the effects of swimming in the ocean. Such attractions are extremely popular and are commonly one of the busiest features in a water park – but with the added complication of waves, there are the increased risk of drowning-related incidents. The turbulence of wave pool water, coupled with the high likelihood that the area is crowded, makes it difficult for lifeguards to determine whether all the people in the pool are safe. It is very possible for a person to be caught beneath the artificially created waves and suffer from oxygen deprivation or drowning.

Lazy River Injuries

It may not seem like lazy river attractions at water parks could be the culprits behind any injury related incidents that occur at the park, but it is actually one of the most common sources of harm. The “laziness” of the ride encourages lax or negligent behavior in lifeguards as well as tubers, allowing inappropriate behavior leading to injuries, and in some cases, fatalities.

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Water Slide Injuries

Falling from a water slide, or colliding with other passengers, is not uncommon in many water parks. The most popular slides are often the most risky, being the highest with the most number of twists and turns. Inattentive lifeguards or unexpected slips from passengers can lead to injuries and fatalities on water slides.

Inflatable Water Slides

Water parks are not the only places of attraction that offer water slide features. Many special events are hosted in a variety of situations on a smaller scale, such as community events or birthday parties; often-inflatable playthings are used – like water slides. Injuries due to improper supervision of its use, or deflation of the equipment are common causes of water slide related injuries every year in the United States.

Surf Ride Injuries

At some water parks, patrons have the opportunity to use technology that simulates the experience of surfing. Injuries due to faulty equipment or improper maintenance and supervision by water park employees are common with such rides, and so it’s important for all proper instructions and precautions are provided to surf riders prior to their boarded the equipment.

Legal Representation And Water Park Accidents

Many lawsuits related to Water Park accidents are targeted towards the employees responsible for negligence or improper conduct, or entities in charge of malfunctioning equipment that caused the incidents. Regardless of the exact nature of a water park ride involved in an accident causing injury, victims are probably entitled to compensation for the harm incurred.

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