Workers Compensation

Tennessee Personal Injury Law: Workers’ Compensation

If you were harmed in the workplace, then you are probably eligible for workers’ compensation to be paid to you for any suffering and injuries that occurred. There are several key topics related to workers’ compensation.

Injury Notices

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As soon as an injury-causing incident occurs, the first step is to immediately file a notice to your employer. It should include all of the relevant information regarding time, place, witnesses, and a description of the causes and circumstances of the incident. There also could be more legal action you can take in specific situations involving, for example, product or liquor liability.

Temporary Wages

Individuals who are injured at the workplace and incapacitated so that they are not capable of work are guaranteed compensation in the form of Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD). The doctor authorized to provide treatment is responsible for assessing eligibility for TTD. There are particular guidelines that are relevant for different cases, determined by factors such as an injured person’s earnings and work schedule.

Assistance Requests

The Tennessee Department of Labor provides aid for persons injured in the workplace who have not received the benefits for the incident that they are entitled to. A professional will assess the concerns, resolve any conflicts, and if necessary, take legal action.

Medical Benefits

After a work-related incident, a person suffering from injury will receive paperwork to determine the designated physician for the treatment. The doctor selected will provide care paid for by the injured person’s employer, after proper documentation is filed.

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Process Guidelines

  1. Persons harmed in a work-related environment first request review for their case within one year of the incident, with some specific exceptions.
  2. If the designated doctor has established the injured person as indefinitely incapacitated, then he or she should submit the proper documentation to the Department of Labor.
  3. After review, requests for injury compensation will be discussed with the injured person and the involved employment entities.
  4. Unresolved claims then can proceed to the courtroom, if the lawsuit falls within a particular ninety-day timeframe.

Accommodations For Undocumented Employees

Under federal law, injured employees who are officially undocumented as eligible for employment in the U.S. cannot receive full disability benefits. There may be additional compensatory damages granted depending on the situation.

Reconsideration Of Settlements

If settlements granted to a person injured in a work-related accident are contingent on continued employment for similar earnings, he or she might not have to lose money if termination occurs. During an agreed upon timeframe, terminated employees with such disability benefits are permitted to request reconsideration of the terms of the compensation.

Death Related Benefits

Loved ones that are dependent on an individual who is killed as a result of a work-related incident are granted compensation. The nature of the benefits is determined particular factors, such as the decedent’s wages prior to the incident and the number of dependents involved. More compensation could be awarded if there were certain factors, such as product liability concerns, that were involved in the injury causing accident.

Long-Term Or Permanent Disabilities

When injured employees complete treatment, the authorized doctor designates theyas MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). He or she will also state whether or not the employee has sustained permanent incapacitation using guidelines set by the American Medical Association and suggest accommodations for work performance. There are also methods of having the authorized physician’s statement overruled by an outside authority. Partial compensation is awarded to qualified persons, as well as full monthly compensation for completely impaired employees.

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